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Posted on 23 August 2017

Google are constantly changing the rules that it’s a bit of a nightmare for non-SEO’s and SEO’s alike to keep up.

But that being said, their updates are extremely useful to know and super handy when implemented.

Without getting too technical, Google’s recent update has put more emphasis on both mobile and local search.

This is great news in my eyes for small businesses, bad news for local directories like


Well, now you have the ability to rank at the top of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with a lot more ease.


Here’s what I mean:


Jewellery Shop Search Results


You see the the search term I entered at the top and the results below?


Basically, I typed in a high volume search term which averages 18,100 searches a month in the UK and a list and map of my local registered jewellery shops came up at the top.


Jewellery Shop Search Volume


Ok, the location I am in, it’s basically big companies like Warren James Jewellers and H. Samuel but check the third result…


Local Search Results


The third result looks on the face of it, like a small jeweller called Johnny Rocket Jewellery.

Johnny Rocket has an average Domain Authority of 18 which tends to be the average across The Pommier’s designers and they have a few backlinks to their site, mainly from directories which are becoming redundant for SEO Juice.


Johnny Rocket Moz Results


But, what I can see, their not a huge company like Warren James yet, but, they are ranking 3rd on the 1st SERP. 

This is Google’s local search update in action and proof that it really can help the smaller business.



How Do You Attract Local People Searching For Your Products?


It’s super easy!

If you use Gmail Business Account, login and click the 9 small squares in the top right hand side.


Gmail Header


Then the Google Menu will appear like below.

Gmail Menu


Got to the bottom of the menu and click "more"


More Google Menu


Then select "My Business".


My Business Details


Complete as much information as you can as accurately as you can.


Verify Details


Once you have saved your details, Google will ask you to verify them.

What this means, they will send you a pin code to the address you submitted on the page.

As you can see, this usually takes 4 days to arrive but when it does, log back in, click "Enter Code" and your done!

A few days later, when you Google your business name, it should appear like this


The Pommier SERP


After a little while, Google will pick up all your online reviews, social media accounts and more to give you a nice solid online look.


The Pommier Local SERP


When this box is active on your brands profile and a customer close by searches for the category you entered when registering your site with Google, you have a higher chance of coming up.

Of course, you will not come up for the average 18,100 searches a month as this is a localised method but local customers are great customers too!

Depending on your location will depend on how many web visitors your likely to attract.

At the moment, we're registered in South East London which is not an obvious place for people to be searching for fashion accessories but we still attract around 400 extra visitors a month.

But when our Covent Garden Shop opens I would expect this to surge.

So, if you have a registered office or studio in a town centre, it's probably best to register those details but of course, not everyone can so if you're comfortable in doing so, just register it to your home address.

I hope you start to attract more local customers using this method and of course, let me know if you have any questions!

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