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Posted on 22 January 2019


The Pommier provides a curated selection of fashion brands with a varied range of Advertising & Marketing Services.

Advertising with The Pommier allows you to get your products in front of shoppers looking to discover and buy unique clothes, jewellery, bags and accessories from independent brands worldwide.

In any type of advertising or marketing you do, it's important to stand out, offer the shopper a proposition more appealing than the rest of our sellers and most importantly, provide them with a seamless end to end service.

In this guide, we have put together some fundamental basics you should consider before you start uploading your adverts (products).


First Thing's First - Let's get you setup properly

Go through each of the below points and make sure you have completed all the correct information about your brand, services, shipping etc:


Step 1 - Login to you Membership Manager Portal and make sure your invoice details are correct, we typically put our brands contact name on the invoice but you may want to replace this with your company name.

If so, just change the First Name and Last Name Fields in "My Profile".


Step 2 - Add your preferred payment method for your membership fee's. To do this, select Payment Method in your membership manager and add your card.

A common error message is "Incorrect Zip", if this occurs, you need to make sure you are using the Zip Code registered to the card and it can help to give your bank a quick call to confirm as this fixes the issue 99% of the time.


Once your payment method has been inserted you should receive an email to your main dashboard.

It may take a couple of days for the dashboard to be setup as it needs to be built by our team so bare with us if you have not received access a day or two after you update your payment method.


Step 3 - Shipping Details - Let's set up your main dashboard starting with your Profile. Here, you will want to add you shipping timeframes so that the customer clearly know how long the item will take to be shipped and how long they have to return the item.

Complete all fields in this section with the number or number range, such as 3-5.

You can put in extra information in the tabs but do not put in your own brand email or website links here as this can result in your account being closed automatically - If you want the customer to contact you with questions, we advise them to use the "Contact Designer" button below the shipping description.


Step 4 - Sale Payment Setup - We make payment to sellers via PayPal so you will need to login to your Main Dashboard > Profile > Payment Details > Add PayPal ID.


Step 5 - Shipping Configuration - We automatically set everyone up with a Free Shipping Option but if you want to charge for shipping, in your Main Dashboard > Configuration > Shipping Configuration > Add a shipping range based on price or weight > Add pricing for those ranges and for continents.


Step 6 - Sales Invoice Configuration - When a sale is made, on the order page you can download a copy of the sales invoice breaking down the sale, taxes, discounts and transaction fee's. You will need to add your address to this invoice though so in your Main Dashboard > Configuration > Invoice Configuration > Add Address and Details


Now, we're pretty much done with the boring stuff, lets dive into the set-up of your product listings below.



Product Titles 

Keep them simple, snappy and rememberable.

A product title is one of the first things a shopper will see when browsing our search feeds. Whilst they might not click on your item right away, it's important to have product title's that are short and rememberable as they may want to find that product again at a later stage.

Do not add your brand name to your product titles.


Product Descriptions

Provide enough information to answer a shoppers questions

Do customers even read these? - YES

When ever a customer is not sure about making a purchase, they always read the product description to find out the technical details of a product.

Include things like: Product Inspiration, Process to making the item, Materials, Dimensions and size guides are important factors to shoppers.

If you need help writing killer descriptions, check out this article here


Product Images

Let the shopper visualise the product

It's easy to upload your feature images on a white background and think it's enough. But think about how you would feel as a customer.

You just see a product you liked, you click on it and there's only one image?

Using multiple images including shots of someone wearing your item will allow a shopper to visualise the item being worn, either by them or the person they are buying for.

Check out this article about how your photography can kill your online sales.


Product Tags

Keywords help your items to be discovered

Product Tags are keywords used to specifically discover your items.

If your item is made out of Silk or Silver, these words should be tagged.

If your item is a Ring or a Dress, these words should also be tagged.

If your item is Minimalist or Geometric these words should also be tagged.


You get the idea right?

Imagine, customers search a variety of words and phrases to find products online.

They may start their search with something simple like "Rings" or "Skirts" etc but it's not exactly what they're looking for and this simple search term will be competitive.

They may search something more specific like "Minimalist Silver Rings UK"

If your items are tagged with these keywords, they will appear in a search feed with other products that are similar.

This will increase your chances of being discovered and your items being purchased.

Do not tag keywords that are not relevant to your item, for example, tagging Vegan when your item is made from animal produce. Or, tagging your items with USA when you sell from the UK etc.


In the top right hand side of your dashboard is a "Shop FAQ" tab, there are various video tutorials teaching you how to setup products and specific elements of the product upload process and is worth a watch.

If your question is not listed on there, email and we will be able to help.


What makes a customer buy your product vs someone else's?


Early on in your business you probably built your website or created a social media page, added some products or posts, got a bit of traction but you where left wondering, why isn't anyone buying my products?

Remember, the fashion industry is competitive, you need to give a customer a reason to buy from you and not another brand.

Here is a quick tick list of factors you should consider:


It is also worth considering the following:

  • The Product - Does your product appeal to that shopper or is it hyper niche
    • Returns Price - Do you offer free returns or expect the customer to pay?


    All of the above, The Pommier have no control over.


    Shoppers are relying on you to provide them with the right products and the right information to help them to make a purchasing decisions.


    Generating awareness for your products


    If you are confident that you have implemented the best possible product listings, better than any other advertiser on our marketplace then it's time to focus on building your brands awareness.

    Whilst product tags are a basic fundamental requirement to attract shoppers searching for specific items or styles and will increase your exposure, you are relying on shoppers to physically search.

    Here are a few tips to help you maximise your awareness:


    Our Search Feed Algorithm

    This is made up of three parts

    1. Most Popular - These are items getting the most clicks and views in real time. You can help increase your chances of featuring here by promoting specific items on your social media pages or in your email campaigns
    2. New In - We recommend that you reguarly upload new products as much as you can. New items will appear at the top of all relevant category pages and will increase your chances of being discovered.
    3. Main Feed - Comprising of the best selling items. Whilst this can be the toughest section to feature in you should consider our Marketing Membership or Retail Membership to help boost your positions on this feed.


    Stockist Page

    It is a requirement to list The Pommier as a stockist on your website and hyperlink back to our shop page as this will help our SEO efforts.

    Whilst it won't drive you sales, it could drive your product clicks which will improve your positions on our search feeds.


    Online Membership

    Our online membership is a cost effective solution for sellers to have their own website page on our website that already has existing traffic.

    We do give all sellers paid re-targeting adverts when customers click on your items as part of your membership fee's but we do not provide any additional marketing - You would need to focus on optimising your product listings to take advantage of the existing traffic and win over customers vs other sellers or drive your own traffic to your product pages.

    Sellers on this package that list products and then do not promote their listings can take up to 3 months before the first sale is made as it takes a customer on average 5 website visits before they purchase an item.

    Sellers who actively promote their listings get sales much faster and their products then rank higher through our algorithm resulting in more sales much faster and for longer.

    The first part of launching can be crucial, we recommend you put together a strategy to promote your products from the beginning.

    We do not advise brands to simply list products and then do nothing as this can result in 0 sales throughout your membership term.


    Marketing Membership

    If you are not the best or you are too busy to do marketing, we can do it for you at a very competitive rate.

    Sellers on our marketing package get the same benefits as the online membership but are also included in our general paid adverts on Search and Social Media, Pitched to Press and Pitched to influencers.

    We also include brands in our regular photoshoots to create content for social media.




    Retail Membership

    Whilst advertising your brand online lowers your costs it is also highly competitive and less impulsive for shoppers.

    Having both an online and physical presence is a must for any brand.

    Whilst there is an ever increase in rental prices making it tougher for independents and smaller businesses to secure a high volume retail space, The Pommier does offer a highly affordable option.

    Instead of fronting a huge deposit and committing to a 3 year lease, hiring staff, buying shop fixtures and getting your own insurance policies you can choose to have it all take care for you by our Retail Membership at a tiny fraction of the cost.

    We currently have 1 retail store located on Neal Street, Covent Garden, London - Which is the tourist hub for London's shoppers.

    With 5 tube stations in walking distance, Covent Garden attracts over 44 Million Shoppers per year who spend on average 91 minutes in the area.

    Adverting in our store makes your items more visible to impulsive shoppers and sales in our store will increase your products position on our online marketplace.



    Take your time and think through your adverts appearance. 

    Check our the brands who feature at the top of our website, try to identify what they are doing that you should replicate.

    Work through this article ticking off every section you complete until you are completely satisfied that you are better than the competition.

    Once you're happy, start to invest time in thinking outside of the box to increase your awareness.

    If you are on our Online Membership - Create social media posts, email campaigns, paid ads which ever your more comfortable with or alternatively, let us do the marketing for you and enquire about our retail or marketing memberships by completing our interest form here.


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