How Fashion Brands Create Instagram Content Cheap

Posted on 22 April 2018

How Fashion Brands Create Instagram Content Cheap


On Instagram, content is king.

But you already knew that, every blog, every magazine, every influencer talks about creating amazing content.

But it’s hard right?

There’s a few ways you can create content better than your competition but I will explain two we’ve been trying that worked and how much they cost.


Make Your Own


Some of you will be natural born photography masters. If you are, I'm jealous!

Most of us suck at taking pictures. I do anyway.

I invested in all kinds of equipment, props, everything. But my pictures still sucked.

So, we took to the norm and organised some photoshoots.


Shoot 1

This shoot was a simple set, two friends and a photographer.

We had to rent a location (good old Airbnb) but all in all we got 11 Images that we actually posted on Instagram.

The shoot all in (Wages, Location, Expenses) cost £920 - This includes £100 a day of my own time planning the shoot (which most people forget is a cost right).

So, all in all, this shoot cost roughly £83 per picture and the results on social media where exactly the same as when we re-posted great content from other brands.

Basically, it was almost a waste of time in terms of growth, but a great experience.

But, we didn't give up, we held a second shoot.


Shoot 2

This time, we hired a professional model, photographer, stylist, makeup and hair artists and a videographer.

We got 33 images we used on social media but the cost was £4,889

That’s £148 a picture.

But this time, we saw an increase in engagement, clicks and followers.

The truth is, for a small business, spending £5,000 upfront on a shoot of this quality is probably unrealistic.

But I learned a trick for the next method from watching a few top brands in action.


Get A Content Creator To Create Your Pictures.


We’ve all heard about gifting bloggers, they make a post, you get 0 to 1 new followers if your lucky from a smallish page but a blogger worth working with wants money per post, again, making it expensive and risky.

Instead of thinking about how many followers you can get from someone promoting your brand, think about how you can get amazing content for your own page as cheap as possible and micro influencers are the answer!

Daniel Wellington is a good example here.

4.1m Followers, 5,404 posts - All created by other people.

 Daniel Wellington Instagram


If you want to post once a day, you need 30 pictures right?

If your product sells at £100, chances are, it costs you £40-£50 to produce (loosely speaking).

Find 10 people who take amazing pictures. These don’t need to be bloggers, it can even be your friends or a friend of a friend.

Give them £100 to spend on your website in return for 3 pictures.

That £100 costs you £50 but you get great content for £17 each.

Even if you gave them £200 to spend for 3 images, you're still winning.

What's even better, most micro influencers want to work with brands to build their portfolio, they are more likely to post and tag you on their page too.

Agreed, it can be hard to find content creators like this, but all good ideas take time.

We've just launched this as a free service for the designers in our Covent Garden Store, Our network of influencers now have monthly credit to buy accessories in our shop paid for by us in return for content.

The content creator promotes our page, we re-post that content promoting them and the product and our in-store partners also have fresh content to use on their pages too.




The truth is, you do need amazing content.

Although Instagram has a huge audience, there are also thousands of other brands winning over your customers.

How you create content is up to you but be smart, look at the time vs the cost vs the results.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to building a brand but by thinking outside the box you can work with what you have to do the best you can until results come in.

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