How To Get More Facebook Likes

Posted on 29 January 2017

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Social Media has been a dominate source for years now in terms of growing your businesses fan base and getting more sales.

When I started marketing through social media, Facebook was SO easy. I could post a great picture of a really attractive ring, get a few likes from existing followers then BAM, next thing you know we have 100 more likes with just as many new people following our business.

How To Get More Facebook Page Likes

You're probably more than aware that Facebook is now a money making machine. They make their money from businesses like you. For Facebook to be successful, they have restricted businesses from growing organically so that you would have pay to put your company in front of your audience.

On average, 8% of your followers will see an organic post you make and the more engagement you get on that post the more likely Facebook will put that post in front of a few more people.

This has made people ask themselves, is it worth getting more Facebook Likes?

Of course it is, the more Facebook Likes you have the more eyeballs you have in that 8% and if your content is great then that average will increase. 

Also, people who are likely to Like your Facebook Page are likely to be interested in your business too so you can use Facebook's Audience Insights to learn valuable data for your future campaigns.

Anyhow, your reading this article because you want to know how to get more Facebook Likes right?

Today I noticed a pretty cool feature or it could even be a glitch and here goes...


How To Get More Facebook Likes On Your Business Page

The obvious ways people grow their pages are by posting great content. Usually, if content is good, you will boost that post to more people outside of your following to attract more Facebook Likes but let me ask you this...

How many times have you boosted a post, got a ton of 'reactions' on the post but only a handful of those people actually liked your page?

Have you ever wondered how you could entice those people to like your page without sounding desperate in the text ad?

Well guess what...Just invite them!

Yup, it's that simple. You can get more Facebook Likes by inviting people who have recently engaged on your posts and I will show you how now.

We recently ran a competition where we gave away a prize in return for liking our page.

I was running a few data checks and was replying to comments to engage the users that had entered when I accidentally clicked the liked users.

 Facebook Competition


I noticed something very strange that I hadn't noticed before...

On the right hand side it said "liked" or "invite".

My curiosity got me here so I clicked 'Invite'. 

Facebook Invite


Low and behold, in a few minutes the person I had invited had now liked our Facebook Page.

Obviously the next thing I done was run through every single one and invited them all and within 20 minutes, from inviting 100 people I had an extra 15 likes.


Facebook Likes


Of course, not all of them will follow you right away as it depends when they jump on to Facebook next and also there's a chance that they generally might not be interested in following you, but still, in 20 minutes we got an extra 15 likes for free.

I then decided to go through all our previous sponsored posts (as we typically get more reactions) and got "inviting" away and very quickly we got more Facebook Likes.

The same applies to normal content that you have posted.

If you get a lot of shares and people react to your post and don't follow you, invite them.

Getting people to your Facebook Page with content is hard enough, this is a great way to maximise your posts.

Now I can't say for certain if this is a new feature or a glitch that Facebook will be fixing soon but man, get inviting whilst you can and I hope it works for you too!

If it works, share this post with your friends businesses too because if I know Facebook, they don't like to give away anything for free and this is too easy!

I hope this article has added value and thanks for reading and sharing!



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