Now That's How You Sneak A Drink Into Your Prom

Posted on 06 July 2017

Eleanor Clarke

Eleanor Clarke shows us how it's done by using her giant hip flask as a clutch bag to sneak drink into her prom...

Hands up, how many of you remember sneaking a quick bottle or two in your clothes to try and avoid paying the super high prices in clubs and bars?

We'd imagine, some are better than others and door security are always quick to pick up on most tricks, so innovation is the key to success here.

A young and clever innovator in this area is Eleanor Clarke who beat the system and avoided over priced drinks by using her eye for fashion to get her drinks into her prom.

Hip Flask Disguised As A Clutch

Yup, instead of a purse, Eleanor brought a giant and we mean giant, hip flask to her graduation


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