10 Chunky Silver Necklaces That You Need

Posted on 20 April 2018




Marie June Jewellery creates handcrafted pieces which inspire individuality and an appreciation of the natural world. Each Marie June item is specially tailored to the customer, including this gorgeous chunky silver necklace.







Du Maurier is the brainchild of husband and wife team Ned and Marianna du Maurier Browning. Their company ethos is to produce top quality watches and offer them at a fair, affordable price. Two beautifully crafted sterling silver rings, set with Moonstone and Aqua Chalcedony, create this striking chunky silver necklace.







Alice Barnes draws complex beauty from the simplest of forms to make elegant, contemporary jewellery with meticulous attention to detail. This chunky silver necklace is influenced by the cuts, folds and repetition used in Japanese paper art.







FERA Jewellery was born out of a fascination for the alchemical properties of metal and gemstones, and an intrinsic curiosity for magic and fantasy. This chunky silver necklace is bold, tribal and geometric.








Maro Jewellery symbolises protection, peace and beauty. This chunky silver necklace, from the Byzantine collection, is inspired by the delicate carved wooden latticework found on Mashrabiyas in ancient Egypt and other Arabic countries.







Edge Only design contemporary jewellery with an edge. This chunky silver necklace, which is plated in solid sterling silver, is sure to turn heads. With an attached bead in a high polish finish, this piece is truly unique.









Monarc are a London-based brand that channel a European aesthetic to create striking pieces of contemporary jewellery. Using the finest materials including platinum, gold, silver and diamonds, Monarc combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative, forward-thinking design. This chunky silver necklace creates a beautiful contrast between abstract forms and geometric shapes.








CarterGore is an artful mash up of classic, old school inspirations, timeless grit and integrity. Blending a British design ethos with an eclectic mix of global influences, Cartergore’s collections are anything but ordinary. They say you should never trust anyone who doesn’t love dogs, so we don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love this chunky silver necklace.








Ecrannium seeks to show undiscovered beauty while finding inspiration in the world of fantasy. Their designs, such as this chunky silver necklace, transform items normally associated with darkness into beautiful objects. Inspired by a dragon, this piece is not to be missed.





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