10 Handmade Silver Jewellery Designs That We Love

Posted on 22 April 2018




Marie June Jewellery creates handcrafted silver jewellery designs that inspire individuality and an appreciation of the natural world. Each Marie June piece, including these droplet earrings, is specially tailored to the customer, which is just one reason why we’re such fans. 


Tessa Metcalfe







Opes Robur only use the highest quality materials when it comes to their creations. Their materials are sourced from across the world, which are then hand-processed and completed in a variety of finishes. We love this screw on cuff bracelet, one of our favourite handmade silver jewellery designs.


Tessa Metcalfe 






MONVATOO was founded three years ago in London with the aim of exploring a love for fantasy creatures and fairytales. Over the years, more creations have been added to the Monvatoo Kingdom. The dragon is a Chinese symbol of power and majesty, so this handmade silver jewellery design makes for a fiery choice.


Tessa Metcalfe






Myia Bonner designs contemporary jewellery underscored by modernity and effortless style. Her work is defined by a precise, geometric aesthetic and a playful approach to combining contemporary and traditional influences. This diamond band is a versatile and striking handmade silver jewellery design.


Tessa Metcalfe 






Maro’s Byzantine collection symbolises protection, peace and beauty. It is inspired by the delicate carved wooden latticework found on Mashrabiyas, special wooden windows found in ancient Egypt and other Arabic countries. Their handmade silver jewellery designs, such as these earrings, perfectly exemplify the brand’s intricate approach to design.


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Jewellery brand Lily Flo blends contemporary design with classic femininity, creating collections of modern, urban jewellery. The brand is committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. This bangle is the ideal handmade silver jewellery design to accompany you from day to night.


Tessa Metcalfe 





Anuka Jewellery was founded by English born designer Francesca Kippax in early 2012. Simplicity is key to Francesca’s ethos, allowing for striking, bold forms and stunning finishes. Her collections frequently feature handmade silver jewellery designs, such as these Amati earrings, which make for the perfect modern statement.


Tessa Metcalfe






Designer Alice Bosc finds her inspiration in architecture, art and nature. With an emphasis on minimal aesthetics and high-quality finishes, Bosc offers a range of beautifully crafted, quality products. Striking a balance between delicate and bold, this handmade silver jewellery design will help you turn heads for all the right reasons.


Tessa Metcalfe







Similarly inspired by architecture, Mei-Li Rose’s design aesthetic celebrates all things minimalism. These beautiful earrings are a handmade jewellery design not to be missed, perfect for day-to-night wear.


Tessa Metcalfe 


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