10 Necklaces to get you through Monday

Posted on 01 August 2016

10 Necklaces to get you through Monday

Yup, it's that dreaded day again...Monday!

Today is the day to put everything in place to make sure the week ahead is the best week yet. So, we are going to drop you a bit of inspiration to turn that frown upside down and beat the Monday blues with 10 of our handpicked, handmade necklaces that where made to inspire.

Reach Out Necklace handmade by Eina Alhuwalia

Reach Out Necklace
Made in India

Captains Wheel Necklace handmade by Roz Buehrlen

Captains Wheel Necklace
Made in UK

Bloody Necklace handmade by Lusasul

Bloody Necklace
Made in Mexico

Flat Top Lightening Blot Pendant handmade by Edge Only

Flat Top Lightening Bolt Pendant
Made in Ireland

The Glema Penta Pendant handmade by Glenda Lopez

The Glema Penta Pendant
Made in Spain

The "Broken Rainbow" Charm Necklace handmade by Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery

The "Broken Rainbow" Charm Necklace
Made in UK

Three Lucky Stars Round Hole Necklace handmade by Liwu Jewellery

Three Lucky Stars Round Hole Necklace
Made in Ireland

Pleated Fan Necklace handmade by Alice Barnes

Pleated Fan Necklace
Made in UK

Cat Necklace handmade by Origami Jewellery

Cat Necklace
Made in France

Necklace Plant handmade by Kozminka

Made in USA

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