The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on 01 February 2016

Gifts to Love

The season of lurrrve is upon us – which means it’s time to get thinking about the perfect gift guide for your special someone.

Whether you’re giving a flirty wink or planning to pop The Question, knowing you’ve got something that they’re really going to fall for makes all that love business flow that much more sweetly.

So read on to check out the perfect gift guide and explore five designers who know all about the art of love.


Mabel Hasell Jewellery

Mabel Hasell

Planning to ask someone to dive into the crazy journey of life with you can be pretty intense at the best of times – but picking that perfect piece of jewellery that can sum up exactly how you feel about them in a tiny circle of gleaming metal?

Nothing less but truly exceptional beauty will do.

And when you’re going to pop the Q to a fashionista with a sharp eye, they deserve something that is a little bit more extraordinary than usual.


Aquamarine Crystal RingMabel Hasell knows all about extraordinary. Reviving the lost art of creating jewellery through the traditional wax casting technique, she creates beautifully crafted pieces adorned with gems. Breathtakingly elegant, her jewellery appears deceptive simple – yet pristinely balanced between minimalism and refinement.

Ruby Baguette RingMerging an organic eruption of aquamarine crystals against a backdrop of gold, her Aquamarine Crystal ring has something deliciously tactile hidden in the rough shapes of the stones.  Or for something really sleek that can sum up all your love in a single statement – the Baguette ring stands out from the crowd, in the subtlest of ways.


Jessica de Lotz

Jessica de Lotz

Does a perfect date consist of a long day meandering through ramshackle flea markets, unearthing secret treasures that only the two of you will love, falling head over heels at a bizarre little find you’ve picked out at the bottom of a pile of discarded stuff?

Then meet a fellow kindred spirit – Jessica de Lotz.

Bow & Arrow EarringsWeaving whimsical fantasy with history, she channels her passion for scouring flea markets for weird and wonderful finds, untangling the stories hidden within them and bringing them back to life.

Play Cupid with these perfect Bow and Arrow earrings – they’re quite possibly the sweetest way to send a love message.

Handcuff NecklaceOr if you really want to crank up the heat level this Valentine’s, then her Handcuff necklace says it all. Decorative Edwardian detail on these delicate little handcuffs are a fantastic way of inviting a little extra play time…



Brit Stitch

Brit Stitch

Oh Brit Stitch, how do we love thee? Let’s count the ways.

Is it the adorably cute, vintage inspired satchel shape that is so wonderfully distinctive?

Is it the candy store choice of colours – from pretty pastels to bright and bubbly bursts of pop?

Brit Stitch - with Love from Brit Stitch

Or is the charmingly whimsical tale behind their inspiration – literally taking their cue from a classic milkman’s leather bag?

It’s all this and much more besides. This bold British brand’s collection of satchels make the sweetest treat to spread the love with everyday – wear your heart on your, err, bag, with this extra-spesh number, or go bold with a roomy red backpack!


Tadam! Design

Tadam! Design

What’s the best way to your sweetheart’s heart?

Why, an extra touch of sweetness, of course!

Strawberry & Chocolate NecklaceOoey-gooey doughnuts topped with chocolate, strawberry or creamy milk glazes might not seem like the most obvious inspiration for a jewellery collection, but Tadam!’s tasty designs really do come up a treat.

Dark Chocolate NecklaceDeliciously decadent replicas that smell tantalisingly realistic – the Strawberry and Chocolate doughnut will have your mouth watering, while a slab of dark chocolate provides some chocolatey aphrodisiac aroma – these are sweet treats crafted beautifully, topped off with luxurious gold, and served up in an irresistible, scented pastry box.


Ayako Kanari

Ayako Kanari

What do you choose for the special someone who looks out at the world with a more discerning taste?

The kind of person you fell in love with, because they wouldn’t settle for “ordinary”.

Who amazes you with the ability to see secret stories hidden behind the most everyday things, who inspires you with their creativity and incredible talent for seeing things in a completely different light?

Fishbone Plait NecklaceHailing from Tokyo, Ayako Kanari’s jewellery is like a Haruki Murakami novel reimagined in fine metal. Inspired by the slightly creepy Victorian tradition of hair jewellery – she creates strange and beguilingly beautiful pieces that weave a mysterious story behind each one, toying with expectations and creating contrasts in unexpected places.

Borrowing Her PearlsThe beautiful Fishbone Plait pendant necklace looks feather soft with realistic hair details, while gleaming in delicate rose gold. The poetically named Borrowing Her Pearls necklace updates classic pearl jewellery for a contemporary aesthetic – capturing the shimmering beauty of a single pearl alongside a solid cylinder of gold.

A charming, yet effortlessly cool way to make a statement about your love.


Feeling inspired and in the mood for love? What will you be treating your special someone to?

And what’ll be on your hint list? We want to know!


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