Your Egg-stra Special Easter Style Edit

Posted on 24 March 2016


Spring is in the air, bunnies are a-hopping, and we’re getting ready to gorge our collective body weight in chocolatey goodness!

But of course, we all want to look pretty stylish doing it. While we might not be as utterly spectacular as the iconic Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in their Easter Parade, we can come a pretty damn close second.

Check out our edit of our favourite accessory designers to add a touch of Spring magic to your look this Easter.


Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery

With a distinctly avian theme going on, Tessa’s gorgeous trinkets are just the ticket for adding a serious splash of glamour to your Easter hols get up.

Victoria Charm NecklaceThink tantalising talons, encrusted in fine metals and glittering gold, gripping a deliciously exotic precious stone or pearl between each claw. A cloudy, iridescent Moonstone Ring flashes with colour and sparkles in the spring sunshine in the most perfect way, while a sweet and unusual necklace of Victorian inspired charms glitters quite enticingly.

Tessa’s all about the magic and mystery of the natural world, drawing inspiration from classic myths and fairytales, as well as far more quirkier world of taxidermy. When it all comes together, you get a collection of truly fantastical proportions – delicate bird’s limbs perch beautifully on your hands with a dazzling and surprising touch of beauty – a perfect addition for Spring time.


Bug Jewellery

After some unusual independent jewellery that effortlessly combines great style with a sneaky dose of humour?

Dave the Duck RingBug Jewellery is the sweetly created collection, made by Birmingham-based Ellie Ingram. Dainty little charms, pendants and unusual rings all make up her collection, all laced with a generous touch of whimsy and a giggle or two.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Dave the Duck – perched atop a silver ring, or on the end of a necklace.  And don’t forget your chickens this Easter – Bug keep them happily free range on their own little couch – as seen in this adorable pendant necklace.

Perfect for adding a touch of animal love to your outfit – or simply bringing in a sweet and light hearted touch to even the most boring of wardrobe days.


Goldie Rox

Who’d have thought that terrible fast food might be the inspiration for some truly awesome jewellery creations?

For Roxanne Rajcoomar, inspiration hides in surprising places. While she was busy learning her skill in the glittering world of diamonds and fine jewels at DeBeers, the irresistible allure of a juicy cheeseburger caught her eye.

Burger Locket RingThe rest, as they say, was history. And this surprising combo turned into the first steps of Goldie Rox – a collection of jewellery that brilliantly balances contemporary jewellery design with a brash and bold sense of humour – as only a girl who can relish a good old cheeseburger can.

Show off your love for fast food on your fingers with this stunning Burger Locket Ring, glittering with 22ct gold plate. Or simply show off your fab Easter outfit with a modern classic – the Sparkling Ingredient Bracelet – which glitters with a single stone, inspired by those juicy burger ingredients!


Glenda Lopez

The Moon StickeRingDelicacy, quirkiness – and a nod to those awesome little glittery stickers we loved to rock in the 90s sums up the light and lovely little pieces of jewellery that make up Glenda Lopez’s collection.

Made in 18ct gold plated brass, these lovely adornments take those cute little pieces of sparkle we all loved into a more sophisticated and contemporary form – without losing any of the love or fun factor. Gorgeous septum rings add a festival feel with subtle heart and star shaped charms, while minimalist 90s chic takes a new form in her handcrafted rings.


London Bird

In search of the Easter Bunny? You don’t need to go down any strange and fantastical rabbit holes – London Bird has you covered with this adorably cute Rabbit charm necklace!

The Chic NecklaceInspired by Renaissance jewellery and bringing a touch of Baroque artistry to their imaginative creations, London Bird transform a menagerie of animals into evocative sculptures – with pearls, precious stones and metals combined into a delicate and lovely little adornment.

Bring in the Easter love with this sweet cutie of a little chick – the perfect little piece to wear around your neck!


Daughter of Jon

No Easter holiday is complete with a fantastic bag to carry all your chocolatey treasures in, of course – and Daughter of Jon have a fantastic array to keep all of your treats stored away, in the most stylish way possible.

Clutch Green CleodoraBringing a touch of Icelandic cool, Daughter of Jon was created by Hedi Jónsdóttir and blends a fresh contemporary aesthetic with the playfulness of city life in London. Simple materials are chosen to last, keeping a fresh feel of style while you love each piece everyday.  Treat yourself to a roomy denim bucket bag – the perfectly on-trend piece for day. then brighten up a springtime evening with the innovative Cleadora clutch bag – made with beautifully coloured spotted fish leather.


What are your favourite picks to keep you stylish this Easter? Tell us all about it!




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