13 Personalised Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love This Valentines Day

Posted on 08 February 2017

Remember, remember the 14th of February...It's an important date if you're in a relationship, like seriously. We may say we don't need gifts but we're lying. We do!

Gifts can be hard to buy at the best of times but personalised gifts are a lot easier. They show that you've thought a little harder than rushing to Tesco and grabbing some flowers and chocolates.

It's a known fact that us girls love our accessories. Personalised accessories will certainly get you in the good books for Valentines Day.

Personalised doesn't necessarily mean it's custom made. It could be a gift that simply has your partners name embossed onto it or a your partners favourite animal which holds sentimental value to them. 

It's really that easy. 

To make things a little easier, we've put together 13 personalised gifts that we know your girlfriend will love this Valentines Day.


 The Solid Gold Lucky Bunny Ring

The Solid Gold Lucky Bunny Ring


This Solid Gold Lucky Bunny Ring is handmade by Rachel Balfour Jewellery will make an elegant and thoughtful gift for Valentines Day for anyone who feel's that Rabbits bring luck.


With Love From Brit Stitch

With Love From Brit Stitch


With Love From Brit-Stitch is a special collection of bags and accessories handmade with TLC. The Jazzy Half Pint features a statement heart decal in Chintz Rose leather to the front and back and colour contrast accents and strap. What's even more special about this bag, for just £5 you can have your partners name embossed onto it making a truly personalised gift for Valentines Day.

Eternity Gold Bracelet
‘There is no beginning, nor no end……’. The Celtic trinity knot represents eternity and infinity and declares love, unity and protection within relationships and is handmade in Ireland by Liwu Jewellery

Aquarius Astrology Drop Studs
It's safe to say, you should know your partners birthday right? We've chosen the Aquarius studs for this article but Yasmin Everley has got you covered for all star signs. These earring takes the form of a simple stud which supports a circle - considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the most geometrically perfect shape – and within it a cluster of the stars accurately forms the constellation, suspended in space by a delicate wire.

Bloody Heart

Lusasul create artistically striking jewels from sterling silver in the heart of Mexico. If your looking to gift a heart with a twist from the traditional hearts then your in luck.
Charm Bracelet
Packed with Ships, Anchors, Roses & Skulls is this unique and stylish charm bracelet handmade by Roz Buehrlen. Charm Bracelets make cute and heart-warming, personal gifts and are perfect for girls who have love for the sailor life.
Dream Big Necklace
This cute 'Dream big' necklace is full of personality and charm - perfect for gifting or as a mantra for yourself. Created in a graffiti style and features a brilliant cut diamond - great for everyday wear on its own or and stacked with our other word necklaces. It's also handmade in London and comes beautifully packaged in a Lee Renee branded box.
Gold Chance My Luck Necklace
A simple gold wishbone hangs from your neck on a gold chain handmade by Avalanche Jewellery. The Perfect gift for girls that are looking into making a positive future.
Holborn - HL30-US-0060
Dating a city girl? In tribute to Henry London's original watch from 1965 and with an approach that emphasizes watchmaking heritage, the 30mm 'Holborn' has been reinvented for today. Make it a personalised gift for just £10 and add the love of your life's name to the back in 3 different fonts.
Love Bracelet

The bangle Love, rigid and adjustable through a 5.5 cm adjusting chain, is made of a brass wire revealing the word Love made entirely by hand. Mademoiselle Jewelry scratched Felee, delivered in an organic cotton cover and grosgrain ribbon to the brand's logo.


Mini Fortune Cookie

Mini Fortune Cookie 

The Mini Fortune Cookies came onto the scene when a friend was looking for a couple fortune cookie pendants as gifts. "I'll take the smallest ones--the ones that are half the size of the Petite Fortune Cookie Pendants." That's when I told her they didn't exist...and simultaneously realized that they needed to. I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing the whole time. You can personalise your own message to hide inside the locket making it the perfect gift for Valentines Day.


Mr Nipper

Mr Nipper

The watch designed for the dog lover. Fun, bright and four other designs to collect. These fun watches are the creation of Newgate Watches which are a top fav for our girly customers.


Swan Necklace

Swan Necklace 

Inspired by the beauty of the Japanese paper-folding's art, and decided to create Origami Jewellery. There are 17 different animals and they come in 4 different finishes. Go find the animal spirit that reflects your partners true style.


Have we done good? We've also put together a full collection of personalised gifts for valentines day just in case you're looking for different colours. 

You can thank us later :)



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