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Posted on 27 March 2015

As a child, I craved everything sweet. I would be the kid that would sneak down the stairs to the kitchen, climb on the sides to open up a door full of sugary delights. How happy and content I was when I had my favourite treats in the palm of my hands. 

There are three delicacies that I favoured; a good old Wagon Wheel, A Fondant Fancy and then Mr Kipling's Battenburg. The Battenburg stands out to me because of how joyous I felt when I took the first bite into the sugary bar to reveal the warmest and kindest colours of soft yellow and bright pink.

Tessa Metcalfe has re-enacted that feeling through her memories of childhood delicacies and her love for birds and created what can only be described as a mouth watering piece of art that sits elegantly on your finger. Tessa's interpretation of the Battenburg is named 'The Battenburg Triptych' and features a huge yellow Citrine centre piece accompanied with two elegant pink Rubies set in her infamous Pigeon Claws.

Tessa Metcalfe Battenburg TriptychThe Batternburg TriptychTessa Metcalfe Battenburg Triptych

The Battenburg Triptych expresses both a daring edge with a cute, sweet feel and is worn by the darling trend setters of our generation.

Tessa is a self taught Taxidermist and Jeweller who resides in a workshop in London's exclusive jewellery headquarters, Hatton Garden. Tessa Metcalfe's unique jewellery is fast becoming a brand for today's fashionista's who dare to live differently. She has received recognition and acceptance into the world of fashion over the past three years and has turned her passion into a full time job. With Engagement Ring commissions ever becoming a popular demand to a number of pieces being sent to celebrity singers such as Rita Ora.

POMMIER is a proud supporter of Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery and stock a range of her customers favourites from the Gold Heart Twist to The Battenburg Triptych. Tessa's collection with POMMIER can be seen here.




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