5 Incredible Independent Jewellery Designers You Need to Know About Now

Posted on 14 April 2015

Looking for a stop-them-in-their-tracks chunk of bling or that elusively perfect little minimalist piece to complete your wardrobe?

Then head off the high street. Forget about the big brands and the shiny packaging. The UK is teeming with some amazing independent talent right now – and we’ve picked out five of the most exciting.

Get ready for some serious jewellery lust from our 5 Independent Jewellery Designers.


Finding Foreverness

Sheffield-based Jason Mcanuff blends poetry, science, fantasy and silver – to result in some amazing creations that are quietly impressive.

Focusing predominantly on rings, his jewellery straddles a line between delicacy and outlandish creativity, working with gemstones, semi-precious stones and minerals in stunning shapes that go off the beaten track.

Jason’s individual haikus for each piece show off his flair for creativity in another light – seamlessly evoking the mood of a particular piece in words.

Discover Finding Foreverness.


Ebba Goring

Working from her home studio in Fife, Scotland, Ebba Goring’s jewellery collection is delicate, charming and pretty – the perfect little finishing touch to wear every day.

Ebba combines her love of traditional woven crafts like needlework and crochet – with sparkling stones and precious metals – for a really luxuriously feminine result.

These pieces aren’t about shouty, loud bling – but wearable and elegant jewellery that gives the perfect accent to your daily look.

Discover Ebba Goring


Tessa Metcalfe

Like all good fairytales, Tessa Metcalfe’s jewellery weaves the whimsical and fantastic with a hint of a darker edge.

And we love it.

Her inspirations are varied – taxidermy, illustration, classic fairytales and legends all come together for a collection that sparkles with opulence, fantasy and little bit of wildness.

Working with precious stones and metals crafted into fantastically lavish forms, there’s no doubt that Tessa has a love for the extravagant. Not jewellery for wallflowers – these are guaranteed conversation starters.

Discover Tessa Metcalfe


Rhiannon Palmer

If you’re looking for something quirky yet aesthetically striking, then this designer’s work might be perfect for you.

With a collection based in concrete, Rhiannon Palmer’s jewellery is bold, tactile, playful – and utterly contemporary.

Think colourful pencil-tipped shaped cones – with a pop of colour, or a slim strip of concrete mixed with gleaming metal.

Brilliantly wearable and fun – these are the perfect little pieces to throw over your everyday wardrobe of tees and jeans – and instantly perk up your look.

Discover Rhiannon Palmer


A Alicia

Ethical jewellery is no longer just about recycled/upcycled bits of craft. With designers like A Alicia at the forefront, you can discover some really innovative designs – that reflect the buzz and creativity of the urban city.

Living in London, it’s inevitable that there’s a bright, energetic influence to her pieces, along with a hint of a Japanese crafty twist – show-stopping necklaces in bright coral or mottled beads are the perfect counterpart to a cool, contemporary outfit.

Working with organic cotton, ceramics and recycled silver, these are youthful, quirky and striking.

Discover A Alicia







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