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Posted on 25 April 2015

Here’s the thing about creativity. It’s unpredictable.

You can’t guess when the muse is going to strike.  You might spend years honing your craft before the Big Idea comes knocking – or it could come blasting through your door in a waft of swirling perfume and sparkling jewels.

That was the case for Lova & Moi – a Swiss designer who admits stumbling into the beautiful world of jewellery almost by mistake! Read on to find out more about this talented designer!




From Diplomacy to Gemstones

Working in the big, corporate field of Diplomacy isn’t the kind of background you’d imagine for someone who loves to play and get creative with gemstones – but that’s exactly where this designer came from.

Fast forward a few years, throw in a foundational course in Jewellery Making to hone her craft, and she was called yet again to come back to her creative side. Luckily for us, she discovered just how much fun it could be to create and explore her new passion – and finally bit the bullet to start introducing her creations to the world.


An International Flavour

Starting off with boutique sales in Panama and Geneva – Lova & Moi has a truly international flavour, one that’s not limited by trends or seasonal styles. These are amazingly strong and bold designs – packed with a powerful punch that will uplift even the most casual or low key outfit.

Featuring a combination of different textures and materials, including gemstones, precious metals and silk, the result is jewellery that’s tactile, wearable – and high impact. Definitely not something to ignore!




Style It Up

So how would you wear some of these fantastic pieces?

Gold Plated Cufflink

The great thing about Lova & Moi’s jewellery is that it’s incredibly versatile and easy to wear. With their bold and eye catching patterns – think organic shaped gold plated cuffs, or a striking long necklace, featuring a mixture of gold, bamboo and leather – you could blend them seamlessly with anything from your favourite off-duty get –up, to a polished boardroom power outfit.

Crisp white shirts and blazers provide the perfect canvas to show off the ostentatious shape of a swinging leather tassel, while a beaten up faded tee would offset the organic, abstract shape of Lova & Moi’s gorgeous gold cuff. Weaving together bright, zesty colours in luminous silk threads, these pieces would also look incredible by night. Contrast them with the perfect LBD to highlight the vibrant colours, or pair them with geometric prints to show off their eye-catching shapes and textures.

Versatility, drama, and a spirit of contemporary flair. What more could you ask for?

Check out the new Lova & Moi collection now.





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