Pulse of Creativity - 3 of the Most Talented Jewellery Designers!

Posted on 14 May 2015

Last Sunday, we were pretty excited to catch up with some of the incredible Jewellery Designers that are out there at the Pulse Show in Olympia.

One word. Wow. There are a lot of seriously amazing crafts people who can turn virtually anything into an instantly lust-worthy trinket.

And the show really was something special. We had a chance to catch up with some of our oldest friends at The Pommier – and make some new ones too! Read on to find out more about some of the great talents we were lucky enough to meet…


Maya Magal – Simplicity is serene

Maya Magal’s jewellery is understated – yet always instantly recognisable.

Clean simplicity. Quiet, elegant, and striking.

Creative Jewellery | Maya MagalIt’s no big surprise that she’s a beloved pick of some of the most stylish celebs out there – think Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Suki Waterhouse. But unlike most “celeb-fave” designers out there, these aren’t ostentatious red carpet-only jewels – these are the kinds of pieces you’ll want to wear everyday, with virtually everything. Tiny kisses adorning earlobes, barely-there stacking rings and striking geometric shapes are all signature staples.

Maya Magal | Creative DesignersWorking with precious metals and gemstones, these are utterly luxurious – and will look just at home with your most threadbare tee and denim cut offs, as they will with that gorgeous gown you’ve got hidden in the back of your wardrobe.

Discover more: Maya Magal Jewellery


Tessa Metcalfe - Beauty from the Gutter

Tessa Metcalfe | Creative JewelleryAs a born and bred Londoner, Tessa is no stranger to birds. But while most of us have made a fine art out of tuning them out of the landscape and deftly avoiding getting caught in bird poop, Tessa’s turned her artistic eye towards our feathered friends. 

Women's Jewellery | Tessa MetcalfeThe result is an amazing candy-coloured confection of precious stones and jewels, that are glamorous, dramatic and utterly fantastical in equal measures. Those pesky pigeons are reinvented when they’re clasping a beautiful sapphire stone between their claws, or suspended from your neck with an enormous pearl.

Dramatic and certainly striking – these are definitely not shy and retiring pieces of jewellery. Be prepared to get noticed!

To cast your mind back, we recently featured Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery in our recent blog "5 Incredible Independent Jewellery Designers You Need To Know Now!"

Discover more: Tessa Metcalfe


Kate Gilliland – Discovering precious treasures

Kate Gilliland | Talented Jewellery DesignersDead animal carcasses turned into precious jewellery might not quite be what you’d envision as your next must-have accessory, but somehow, Katie Gilliland works her magic to do just that.


Talented Jewellery Designers | Kate GillilandTaking her inspiration from found animal parts, she casts them into a new form of life with the help of precious metals. Delicate bones become fantastical and gently beautiful when suspended on a tiny silver chain. Silver bird claws – grasping onto a gleaming pearl – are like something out of a fairytale.

Slightly strange and extremely lovely, these are guaranteed conversation starters and a great way of adding a whimsical little twist to your day.

Discover more: Kate Gilliland


  • jamie-Leigh: May 18, 2015

    I ❤ Maya Magal

  • Susan Trass: May 17, 2015

    Who would of thought you could make pigeons and crabs cool and luxurious! <3

  • Elise: May 17, 2015

    I want a Tessa Metcalfe ring!!!!

  • Jade Hyslop: May 17, 2015

    Love this! All three of them are so Talented!

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