Drip-fed Beauty – Jung Ee Eun

Posted on 28 May 2015

Creative Jewellery....

Ever found yourself getting transfixed by that weird, gloopy trickle of gunk slowly making its droopy way down the side of a container?

Or spent ages staring at raindrops chasing each other down a window pane?

Then you’ll be in perfect company with designer Jung Ee Eun. Hailing from South Korea, her pieces find beauty in exceptional places – the spaces that we’d normally overlook and forget about entirely.

Read on to find out more about what inspires her innovative take on her creative jewellery design…


Paying attention to the details

How often do you pay attention to what’s going on around you? Like, really pay attention?

For Jung, it’s the ability to pay attention to the things that usually slide off our radar entirely that shapes her designs and inspires her to create. With ideas coming from probably the most un-artistic of places, her work makes you look at the environment around you in a totally different way.

The moment you’re dragging your rubbish bin out? The tedious supermarket queue? The stacks of products lined up on the aisle? These are the things that drive her as she uncovers secret stories inside each moment…

Jung Ee Eun | Gold Dripping RingThe result is something lovely, slightly strange, and totally magical. The drip of wax from a burning candle gets transformed into gleaming gold to adorn you, while long threads of molten-looking metal hang beautifully from your ears.


Wearable everyday luxury

Turning wax and paint drippings into gold and silver gives a whole new meaning to luxury jewellery.

These aren’t pieces to tuck away for a special occasion. You’ll want to show them off at every chance you get. Lucky for you that they’ll go with virtually everything!

Simplistic enough to compliment the most hard-core minimalist outfit – but with ample gleam to get eyes turning on a night out, these delicate little pieces are perfect conversation starters that can be worn everyday.

Jung Ee Eun | Long Gold Dripping EarringsTo spark up your daily office uniform, just add a hint of shine in the form of her dripping ring – the ideal size to make a personality-packed statement, but subtle enough to wear with the most sombre of outfits. 

For night, we love the thought of wearing her gorgeous dripping long earrings with the perfect LBD and slicked back hair for a stellar date outfit. Elegant, stylish and just a little bit sexy – it doesn’t get better than that!

Check out her collection now, and tell us how you’d style your favourite picks!


  • Rosie: June 13, 2015

    If I could make any type of jewellery I’d want it to look like this, but I’m not creative enough :(

  • Hannah: May 29, 2015

    I want all her Jewelry!!!

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