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Posted on 13 June 2015


At The Pommier, we’re all about innovation and creativity. Take the ordinary and give it a funky twist – and you’ve caught our attention already.

And Saloukee Jewellery does this beautifully.

Saloukee is the dream child of creative extraordinaire, Sarah Kelly, a jewellery maker who turns the process of making beautiful things inside out. The result is something really quite special – with a touch of softness, elegance and playfulness, this is jewellery with real soul.


Looks good on paper?

Chalai Short Necklace | SaloukeeDid you know that traditional jewellery craft is often modelled first in paper as a kind of trial run before creating the actual thing? 

For Sarah, it was the fun of playing around on paper that set off that little magical spark of inspiration (we love it when that happens!). Endlessly malleable and easy to transform into whatever her imagination could cook up – a “what if…?” was born. 

What if her jewellery wasn’t just made of hard metals and stones that those paper designs were intended for?

What if those beautiful paper pieces could be enjoyed just as themselves?

And just like that – Saloukee was born.


Tactile luxury

Saloukee’s stunning collection includes all kinds of materials that you wouldn’t normally associate with luxurious jewellery. And the best part of it is that it’s all completely wearable as everyday jewellery, while still looking really distinctive and unique.

Kio Pendant Gold Square | SaloukeeA smooth, minimalist drop of wood hangs from a fine woven cord with the Kio pendant necklace, while the whimsical and playful Loops necklace swirls pastel-coloured yarn into contemporary twists.

We love the thought of pairing all those natural tactile textures with soft, draping fabrics and swishing folds of silk and cotton. These would be a dream hanging against your favourite maxi dress on a hot summer’s night, or contrasted with juicy block shades of colour.

It’s not all soft and gentle, either. Saloukee’s collection of Rock Rings look striking and dramatic, and take the hard edges of found pieces of flint rocks into something that completely transcends time. We also love that all of the found materials from this collection are sourced from 100% recycled metal and rock – giving a great ethical dimension as well as looking good.




Ela Ebba Rock Ring | SaloukeeEisa Ebba Rock Ring | SaloukeeRock Ring | Saloukee

Set against a gold plated setting, these million-year-old rocks redefine what timeless style can really be. Make these an essential part of your paired down capsule wardrobe for summer, and you’ll never feel underdressed again.






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