Intergalactic Time Travel Meets Jewellery Design: Finding Foreverness

Posted on 18 June 2015


Jason McAnuff


You read that title right.

Jewellery just got a whole lot more awesome. Enter Jason McAnuff – the designer behind the unique British brand, Finding Foreverness.


Finding Inspiration through Space and Time

Finding Foreverness started off as a kind of nomad, of sorts.

A travelling pop up, scouring Europe’s diverse and fascinating cities, picking up inspiration, ideas and creative projects, McAnuff cycled his way though 26 countries… and that’s how it all began.

So it’s no wonder that exploring far flung destinations, both real and fantastic, is a major influence on his designs.

McAnuff doesn’t just draw upon the everyday world you and I usually see around us to inspire his shapes and designs – he dives deep into questioning what’s possible, and looking at things from a totally different perspective, by asking the question – “what if?”

What if you took a fragile paper kite apart – and remade it out of metal? What would a space hedgehog look like?

Combining imaginative and inspiring short poems, fantastical glimpses of sci-fi worlds and dystopian futures, and a sleek, sharp minimalist aesthetic, the result is jewellery that would look just as on point on an intergalactic space lord as it would on you.


Minimal Futurism

Using precious stones and metals in jewellery is nothing new.

Labs Away | Finding Foreverness

But creating stunning, strikingly angular silhouettes that go against the grain of anything you’ve seen before – that’s where things start to get exciting.

This isn’t the usual bland and flavourless kind of ‘minimalism’ that gets bandied about so much these days. Pale lines, thin bands, the odd triangle here and there? So over it.

McAnuff creates shapes and silhouettes that perfectly bridge the line between achingly simple, and mind-boggingly complex.

Motions Away From Grey | Finding ForevernessA constellation of orbs gathered together, to create an Orbital Lab to wear on your hand. Liquid lines cast shadows in ethereal shapes in the form of a seductively simple pendant. Gleaming stones hint at doorways to other portals yet to be explored.

The result is spare, subtle and powerful. Futuristic beauty – for the person who’s outgrown the tedious merry go round of identikit trends and runway knock offs.

This is jewellery to wear when you need only the lightest of touches to make a huge statement.

When you want to reach out for that single piece that will make you feel powerful, strong and resilient.

When you want a sparkle of light delicately reflecting into the night, hinting mischievously at what might lie ahead.

Or simply when you want to look and feel extraordinary and beautiful – even on the most ordinary of days.



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