Discovering Modern Luxury – What Does Luxury Mean For You?

Posted on 20 June 2015


Hipster GirlSo. In case you didn’t get the memo – the ‘hipster’ label has well and truly been settled into its grave.

Now – it’s all about the yuccie. It sounds kinda gross – but I’m betting a lot of us are going to find something of ourselves in it.

‘Yuccie’ – aka Young Urban Creatives - are a kind of mashup between those vintage loving, fixie-riding, mustache-toting, plaid-wearing hipsters – and the evil money-grubbing Yuppies that came before them.

The result is all about following your dreams – and actually making a living from sharing your ideas and creativity. We can kinda get down with that, right?

Which has us thinking about the whole concept of luxury – and how we might just be re-discovering luxury for a completely different generation. So – what does luxury mean to you?


Re-defining luxury

Luxury used to mean a kind of self-indulgent retail therapy. Blow the big bucks – even if it was just once a month – on something exquisite, exotic, and probably kind of impractical.

Luxury meant a kind of aspirational living, striving for something that was hard to get, making that final acquisition all the more sweeter – who hasn’t spent a month on instant noodles to get that coveted buy you’ve been drooling over for months?

But it looks like we’re redefining what luxury means – and finding a new form, for ourselves.


Luxury is uniqueness

When you’re passionate about following your creativity and inspiration in all the other parts of your life – then kitting out your wardrobe with the “luxury” identikit set doesn’t really hit the mark, does it?

So we’re discovering a new form of luxury.

Smoked Quartz | Claws of EngagementQuality materials and incredible craftsmanship matter – anything with the “luxury” tagline should be made to last. Whether it’s a dazzling precious stone the gleam of precious metals, or the deceptively simple weave of cotton yarn -every piece should be made with care, talent and skill.

But at the heart of it is a love for something unique, something that’s beautifully designed – that will surprise and delight you every single time that you wear it.

The Bear | London BirdMaybe it’s a favourite piece that always makes you smile each time you wear it – or a dazzling trinket that brings back memories of all the amazing experiences you’ve had.

Maybe it’s a secret glimpse of a faraway world that you carry with you wherever you go.

Whatever it is – the new luxury is not something to squirrel away in a “special occasions only” drawer at the bottom of your closet. It’s not about hiding away your dreams like a secret superhero in a boring uniform every day.

It’s about embracing luxury in all aspects of our lives, by choosing something beautiful and lasting, and making every second sparkle that little bit brighter.

How are you discovering luxury? What are your favourite luxury picks right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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