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Posted on 05 July 2015

Caramelised cinnamon doughnuts. Cocoa gourmet doughnuts with chilli and chocolate; strawberry, milk and poppy seed coatings; lime and coconut…

Are you drooling yet?

Sorry to disappoint – The Pommier isn’t quite ready to launch its own range of high fashion desserts. But – we’ve got the next best thing – an incredibly tempting menu of sweet treats from the brilliant imagination of the Lithuanian label, Tadam! Design.

Read on to see just what makes this collection so utterly delicious – but don’t blame us if you’re left with a major hankering for doughnuts!


#foodporn inspiration

If you spend any time at all on social media then you’re bound to be familiar with the general onslaught of foodporn coming at you from all sides. Perfectly picturesque jam jar cocktails, deliciously messy sponge cakes and drool-worthy mounds of gelato dominate.

TADAM! DesignBut while the rest of us sit back with our mouths watering, Tadam! took those beautiful food shots as inspiration for something completely unexpected – a sweet course for the eyes. Makes perfect sense really, when you see some of the meticulously designed food photography out there, why not take that creativity into a new sphere?

And that’s how Tadam! was born – “cooking” beautiful gourmet treats out of finely crafted ceramics to create a range of fun and flavour-packed jewellery.


Food for all the senses

Milky Doughnut with Gold GlazeThese dainty doughnuts won’t just have you smacking your lips – this collection has something for nearly all your other senses too.

Made with fine materials including delicate 24K gold sprinkles, and gleaming coloured laquers, Tadam!’s design bridge a fine line between incredibly realistic recreations of sweet treats, and luxury adornment.

But there’s another surprise in store for you when you purchase one of these – each piece has its own incredibly delicious fragrance, that exudes when you wear it.

Dark Chocolate with Gold GlazeWearable and filled with humour, these pretty foodie pieces are definitely a treat you can enjoy any time you like. Pair the beautiful milky nude hues of a milk and gold doughnut with a delicate ivory dress, or add a striking touch to your favourite LBD with a slab of dark chocolate.

The perfect way to get your sugar fix, we think!


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