Bags of Style: Contemporary luxe to carry off your look

Posted on 19 July 2015

We’re pretty damn excited about the latest addition to the Pommier repertoire – an incredible collection of some of the coolest contemporary luxury bags you’ve ever clapped eyes on.

And just like all things Pommier-flavoured, these gorgeous bags are pretty unique. Practical, contemporary and oozing with style – plus a major dose of super-cool quirkiness to give them a little extra punch.

Read on and cosy up to two of the coolest new handbag brands around, Victoria Lam and Alisa Smirnova – and start getting your wish list together!


Victoria Lam – sophisticated luxury with a folk tale twist

Clean, angular lines. Bold graphic shapes. Sugary sweet pastel shades with just a hint of icy coolness. And just before you think you know it all, a tiny touch of ancient folkloric wisdom, sewn into the stitches of each beautiful leather creation.

Victoria Lam’s handbags take the classic silhouettes that you know and love all too well, and give them a much needed injection of innovation.

But not at all in a loud, ostentatious way. These bags don’t need to speak above a whisper – but they’ll definitely get noticed.

Hearkening back to traditional, artisanal craftsmanship – and fusing these traditions with a contemporary, sophisticated outlook, the result is really something quite delicious.

Victoria Lam | Duchess GreyHer bags are cut in super sleek, elegant shapes that you’ll want to carry with you everywhere – the sharp angles of her Lovinni clutch bag are a firm favourite for nights out, while the roomy Duchess tote is perfect for carrying your life with you every day.

Victoria Lam | Pink LovinniBut the Devil’s in the details, and these bags have plenty of delectable surprises to discover. Neon bright contrast straps pop against pearlescent pastel leathers, while profoundly mystical symbols, representing Romance, Leadership and Passion are infused into each bag – giving them a unique vibe.


Alisa Smirnova – Bags for femme fatales

Where do femme fatales stash their essentials when they’re out doing their daily dastardly deeds?

Alisa Smirnova | All Round HandbagAlisa Smirnova’s All Round Handbag is probably a safe bet. Made of luxurious cowhide with a bold silver hardware, it’s not a bag for shy and demure wallflowers.

Her collection captures her own personal journey – rainy nights in the city and underground venues humming with alternative rock, shooting bands and designing as a freelancer, her vision has already matured into a distinctive rock n’roll edge, using silver studs and buckles to give a dose of heavy metal chic to her designs.

Alisa Smirnova | All Round Handbag LifestyleEach piece is designed to be strong, yet elegant – ready to inspire confidence, and still be completely practical.

Making them the perfect accessory for any would-be femme fatale, we think.

So which are you – artisan visionary with a folk-luxe vibe, or a 21st century femme fatale? Take your pick!


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