Summer Minimalism – Keep your summer look perfectly pared back

Posted on 20 July 2015

There’s something about summer that makes you want to strip away all the unnecessary add ons and accoutrements.

Maybe it’s the sweltering city heat. But we kind of like to take all the baggage we’ve been carrying around all season and let it go, paring back to just the essentials – minimalism with a real bad-ass vibe.

So here’s how we’ll be paring back to stay super stylish and chill this summer. No frills, no frivolities. Just utterly cool summer style.


The perfect tee

Step one to no-frills summer minimalism is of course, the perfect tee.

The Fashion ClubNo heavy, starchy Fruit of the Loom style tees please – the perfect tee shirt should be silky soft, finely translucent and perfectly slouchy, for the most flattering fit.

And it’s great to see that designers have started taking the hunt for the perfect tee a lot more seriously – The Fashion Club’s luxuriously seamless, fitted Home V-Neck tee looks like it means the business. But our favourite pick has to be Born a Bad Seed – their tees take the whole paper-thin, barely-there burned out tee to a whole new level!


The shorts

Sun’s out, pins out!

We’ve been prepping our legs all season long to make sure they look fabulous – so now’s the time to really show them off. Why complicate matters with distracting prints, unnecessary details and unflatteringly weird fits?

Shorts are a summer staple – so make sure you do them absolutely right. Leave the daisy dukes for the festivals – mid-thigh length shorts are a universally flattering cut. Give them a teeny-tiny edge for maximum impact, by rolling the hems up by a fraction.


Uncomplicated jewellery

No surprise that we at the Pommier love our bling in all seasons, but when you’re craving simplicity and minimalism in summer, then it follows suit that your jewellery’s going to get pared down too.

Bloody Heart Necklace | LusasulLuckily, there are some incredible designers out there who manage to create stunning, high impact pieces – in the simplest of ways.

Lusasul’s “Bloody necklace” sums up that hot, sweaty summer vibe with this molten silver necklace that looks like it’s just about to drip down your collarbones.

Beautiful and subversive – in a deceptively simple way.


The easy bag

Summer’s made for spending as little time as possible stuck indoors. Instead, you’re going to be out soaking up the sun on the grass, discovering awesome new bands, delicious cocktails, the delights of brain freeze and catching up with your gorgeous posse.

All Round Backpack | Alisa SmirnovaWith all that excitement going on, your bag needs to hold up its end of the bargain – keeping everything you need at hand, while still staying stylish to boot.

Enter the All Round Backpack. Swing it on your back when your cycling downhill at breakneck speeds, pair it with your most daring mini for rooftop sunrise parties, or simply let it perch chicly while you’re enjoying that well-deserved gelato.


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