The Suitcase Essentials: Your Ideal Holiday Wardrobe

Posted on 11 August 2015

What are your absolute essentials when you’re packing to jet off somewhere (hopefully) sunny?

Aside from all the boring practicalities (Suncream – check. Phone charger – check. Bug bite stuff – ugh, check. Making sure everything is travel-sized and you’ve packed that travel guide you’ll probably never read? Double check.) there is the all important Holiday Wardrobe.

It really does deserve capitals, because there’s nothing worse than rocking up to a gorgeous resort or beautiful European city, and having your outfit positively scream “tourist-alert!” to everyone around you. Unflattering shorts, a loud and tacky t-shirt and your old camping backpack heaving with all of your gear?

No thanks.

So. Before you head off, check out our list of the really essential Suitcase Essentials. Whether you plan to soak up the sun on a silky sanded beach, or get all cultured, city-style, here’s what you should definitely make space for in your little roll-on suitcase:


The All Purpose Scarf

A scarf is an absolute life saver in a huge number of situations.

Lily & LionelNeed a quick post-swim sarong? A chic shawl to keep out the post-sunset chill? A gorgeous pop of colour to make you feel a little more put together?


Check out Lily and Lionel's dreamy collection of summer scarves. Made of silk and wool and covered in juicy, high fashion prints, they’re an instant holiday fashion fix.


The Jumpsuit

ZaraMove over floaty, whimsical maxi dresses. As much as we love to waft around in them, sometimes the whole boho-festival vibe can seem a little… tired.

While jumpsuits have been peeping out occasionally every summer, this seems to be the year that designers have really figured them out. Cool, effortless and perfectly balanced between the point of being practical and comfy, and looking fantastically elegant.

We love High Street fave Zara's cropped jumpsuit, in a pop of red or black, and a great silhouette. That deep v-neck back is perfect for showing off your tan, and looks subtly sensual.

Brilliant paired with that other suitcase must-have – a floppy brimmed hat, of course.


The Compact Bag

So we’ve already ascertained that we definitely don’t want to do the whole ‘backpacker’ vibe with a giant camping kit on our shoulders.

Agate Backpack | CODOBut you can also do a lot better than just hauling all your stuff around in a flimsy canvas tote.

Enter Codo’s wonderfully compact Agate backpack. With beautifully textured leather and gleaming gold hardware details, it means serious fashion business. But it also has a Tardis-like spacious interior, and looks just as lovely with your denim cutoffs at the beach as it will being toted to that amazing restaurant everyone’s told you to check out.


The Bling

Ok, so you need a touch of something special to finish it all off, right?

Cocoa Donut | Tadam DesignAnd we have to admit we have that whole “kid in a sweet shop” situation going on. With so many gorgeous treats, it’s hard to choose just one.

But if you’re really tight on wardrobe space, and can only sneak in one pretty little piece to make your holiday wardrobe complete, we might just go with Tadam's heavenly chocolate and chilli doughnut.

Yes, it smells good enough to eat. It also gives a beautiful pop of vibrant colour and a tiny hint of gold, making it feel ultra-luxurious, without being tacky or ostentatious.

Where are you heading off to? And what will you be packing? Let us know!


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