A Fusion of Style: Velizance

Posted on 16 August 2015

You know what they say about French style.

Effortless elegance. Understated, timelessly chic and never overdone.

Well, you can now capture a hint of that perfect French style for yourself – through one of the captivating creations from Velizance.


Purified elegance

Velizance was created in 2009, by Elisabeth Vervin – a jeweller with a rigorous training in art. After studying the history and philosophy of art – Elisabeth felt compelled to channel this in a new platform – and the result of this can be felt in her unique creations.

Anguis Aztec | VelizanceCombining silver and resin, Veilzance’s jewellery is a purification of style – bold graphic shapes, oversized silhouettes, made with clean, minimalist materials and a sleek modern edge.

But this isn’t about po-faced, drearily repetitive designs that do little to inspire you.

Velizance combines a kick-ass regal flair, with striking architectural shapes and patterns, with a hint of cheeky coolness too. These are for the girl who loves to throw a favourite battered leather biker over the prettiest of summer dresses, go hiking in high heels and never takes herself too seriously.


High tech jewellery

The Pyramidas Necklace | VelizanceUnfortunately, this gorgeous looking collection isn’t yet ready to teleport you, turn you into a holograph or open up a secret portal.

But there’s still a hint of the refined technology that’s gone into crafting these immaculately complex pieces. Each item is designed on paper and digitally with finely honed precision – and you can see the attention to detail in every facet of the final piece.

Crafted in silver or silver plated gold, there’s a brash, modern flair to these luxurious adornments. Definitely jewellery that you want to be noticed.


The perfect compliment

So how exactly do you rock such finely crafted wearable works of art? Very easily – they’re the perfect compliment to everything from a high-fashion wardrobe to an ultra laid back and louche outfit.

Lunea Ring | VelizanceChannel your inner Aztec queen with the Aztec-inspired Anguis cuff – in gleaming gold, this would look incredibly opulent against your perfect summer tan. Finish it off with some space-age sass, by partnering it up with the graphic Lunea ring. Let the jewellery do all the talking – don’t overpower these with fussy prints and shapes – work these with a sleek black shift or a floaty silk gown for full-on royal vibes.

Need your style fix for day time? Dial down the impact to a subtle simmer with the sleek and unobtrusive Pyramidas range – these little pyramid-adorned pieces might be delicate, but their sharp edges are anything but dainty.





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