Maya Magal –Tactile Geometry

Posted on 23 August 2015

Counting Alexa Chung, Jourdan Dunn and Suki Waterhouse amongst her fans, you can pretty much expect that Maya Magal’s jewellery is going to be of impeccably cool taste.

And with slim, delicate designs that seem meticulously crafted to flatter, emphasise and accentuate you in the best way possible, each piece leaves you hankering for more in the best way possible.


An understated element of surprise

Despite what you might expect with the celeb follower tag, these aren’t brash, loud or obtrusive trinkets.

Geometric Pendant | Maya MagalIn fact, they barely hover above a whisper. Rarefied slim lines crafted from silver and gold, sleek, geometric shapes in the simplest of forms – they’re beautifully quiet pieces.

And yet – there’s something about them that will captivate your attention.

Maybe it’s the slight hint of something unfinished – that tint of imperfection in the beaten surface of a small gold circle, or the lack of excessive adornment on the most minimalist of ear cuffs

Little Ear Cuff | Maya MagalMaybe it’s the skilful choice of shape and form that is the designer’s particular signature – smooth curves and straight edges rest against each other in a state of perfect balance, in the iconic Parallel bracelet.

Or maybe it’s just the invisible hint of magic that’s woven into every item, that somehow draws your attention, beckoning you to play with a ring in between your fingers, or twirl that pendant hanging around your neck…


Channel your inner A-lister

Dipped Post Necklace | Maya MagalIn fact, there’s something so deliciously seductive about Maya Magal’s jewellery, that each piece might as well come with a how-to guide on revealing your inner A-list star.

First – start off by slipping on your Maya Magal goodies. Are you a ‘more is more’ maven, or a staunch minimalist? Either way works – show off the sparest of necklaces by placing them against a background of shiveringly sheer jersey in black or grey – a silky soft oversized tee tucked into a leather mini or your favourite skinnies would work brilliantly.

Triangle Bangle | Maya MagalIf you’re going for the maximal route, then don’t be shy. Pile them on. Rings galore – contrast the smooth polished shapes of silver and gold against each other for a rough-hewn look. Let your wrists jangle with the geometric cacophony of triangles and squares. Revel in their surprisingly complex simplicity.

Then sit back and adore them. These aren’t pieces you’ll ever forget you’re wearing – they’ll beckon and call for your attention, asking you to admire them all day long.

Give in to it.




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