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Posted on 10 September 2015

There’s something really quite magical about wandering in the woods.

Listening to the animals call around you, watching the sun sparkle through the canopy of leaves, and imagining fantastical stories coming to life…

It’s enough to make you wish you’d never fallen into the whole “growing up” trap.

Luckily, some of us still manage to keep that feeling of magic and wonder alive, though. Kate Gilliland is just one of those people, kindling her imagination in the natural world around her – and coming up with some very special beauties so that you can come away with a little bit of that mystique too.

Read on to discover just what makes her so special!


Discovering things in unexpected places

Kate Gilliland | Mr Crab PendantFragments of bone, a piece of jaw and broken claws might not quite sound like the stuff of inspiration – but for Kate Gilliland, that’s exactly what they are.

Foraging in the woods to unearth these little pieces of nature, she discovers the stories tucked away beneath the pile of leaves or hidden in the sunless shadows, bringing them back into the hectic urban world.

Then by casting her finds in precious metals, they’re turned from slightly creepy curiosities – into strange and wonderful treasures, that each carry a tale about far away idylls, unspoilt beaches, and fairy tale woodlands waiting for you to lose yourself in.


Delicate and wild

The juxtaposition of something strange – and something beautiful – gives Kate’s jewellery an utterly unique touch.

Kate Gilliland Jewellery | Tiny Bone Pendant The delicacy of a slim, tiny bone, gleaming in gorgeous gold vermeil is at once completely wondrous – but also teases out that wild, messy animal spirit inside you too. Perfect to rest against your collarbones with a tangle of bohemian hair and a floaty, ethereal dress.

Or trace out the scuttling claws of a crab pincer, captured in minute detail. Hinting at secret pebbled beaches, with the sharp scent of salt in the air and the crash of waves filling your ears.

These aren’t your everyday trinkets, that’s for sure. But when you can step into a fantastical world full of hidden fairy tales, mystery and magic with a delicate piece of jewellery, who wants to be everyday, anyway?



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