Fashion East – The Bright Talents of Tomorrow

Posted on 26 September 2015


At The Pommier, we have a special spot in our shiny, bejewelled hearts for emerging talents. 

Bright new voices, filled with inspiration, ideas and creativity – and not weighed down with any of the boring, humdrum conformity of living your life, slavishly following trends.

With the exciting buzz of London Fashion Week – the spot on the schedule to get really excited about was none other than the Fashion East line up.

The platform where some of the most incredible contemporary talents have made their Fashion Week debut – including Gareth Pugh and Roksanda Ilinic, Fashion East is definitely where you’ll be finding the brightest talents of tomorrow. 

Read on to discover some of the names to watch!


Caitlin Price – Streetwear with flourish

Caitlin PriceCaitlin Price is already a name to watch – having scooped the coveted Armani Scholarship. And seeing her collection of vivid jewel-toned pieces that show off an inspired hybrid of sportswear and oriental elegance – you can kind of see why.

Floor length skirts showed off cut away thong details, while tracksuits were festooned with luscious heart appliques. Definitely too good to wear while you’re training for the next marathon though.

Check Out Caitlin Price's Website Here:


This Is The Uniform – Functionality and humour

This Is The UniformFunctional fashion is great. But don’t you ever find yourself wishing that you could take things a little less seriously?

This Is The Uniform – launched by Jenna Young – made their LFW debut this month, and it was nothing short of sheer brilliance – with a strong emphasis on the sheer side of things.

Favourite pick? The sheer, nude coloured tracksuits. Perfectly street – but with a dose of ethereal fantasy, along with floating ribbons – and nipple tassles a-plenty.

Check Out This Is The Uniform's Website Here:


Richard Malone – Breaking out of tradition

Richard MaloneRichard Malone has had a pretty amazing year so far – meeting Lulu Kennedy this summer, then making his first on-schedule debut. Inspired by his working-class Irish background, his collection brought a twist to the everyday looks we barely notice – giving them a bright and quirky new eye.

Stiff shop-girl uniforms are reinvented in a cool orange dress, while textured dresses clouded with giant ruffles, oversized pieces and sustainable fabrics brought a touch of something otherworldly – but still utterly cool – to the runway.

Check Out Richard Malone's Website Here:




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