Brit Stitch – A Thoroughly Modern Makeover of a Vintage Classic

Posted on 02 October 2015

Brit Stitch

There are some things that are naturally meant to stand the test of time. A classic leather bag should definitely be one of them.

And British brand Brit Stitch have a constellation of beautifully crafted leather bags – showing off their traditional silhouettes with a cornucopia of mouth-watering colours.

Read on to find out how a milkman became a style icon – and why we’re so in love with this reinvention of a vintage staple!


Practicality makes perfect

Brit Stitch’s history goes all the way back to the 1960s – when master craftsman, Peter Jones made a practical leather cash bag for his local milkman.

AD VaghanWhen he came back after 45 years to get the strap replaced, it was pretty obvious that this was one long-lasting bag! So looking at Peter’s traditional leather-working skills and combining them with a fresh, modern perspective – Brit Stitch was born.

And combining the traditional skills of a talented craftsman with a stylish eye for contemporary fashion is a winning combination – the result is a range of perfectly practical and versatile bags, all lovingly handmade in Britain - that make a major style statement you won’t be able to miss.


How do you take yours?

Full pint, half pint – or just a wee splash of colour?

It’s pretty tough not to fall in love with the adorable milkman themed collection of Brit Stitch bags – and great to know that a little piece of personal history will always be treasured in such a special way.

Brit StitchBeautiful details and a really satisfyingly clicky clasp (don’t you just love that sound?), as well as a sleek and refined shape make these bags great to tote around, whatever you’re carrying. Laptop for work? Books for college? Lippy, phone and wallet for a night out?

You’re covered, however big or small you need to go – and with the added option of embossing a special message on top, you can also make each bag completely unique.


The perfect pop of colour

One word of warning when it comes to Brit Stitch, though.

You’re going to find it tough to stop at just the one.

With Love From Brit Stitch | Brit StitchWith such a tempting rainbow of colours to choose from – be prepared for that niggling little voice telling you that you need “just one more!”

After all, how can you choose from perfectly pretty and diminutive "half pint" pastels,  effervescent bright bags and – OMG – the most heart-explodingly adorable heart appliqued range of special bags?

You might as well admit right now that resistance is futile.




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