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Posted on 15 October 2015

 The Craft

There’s been a mystical vibe in the air as Halloween gets closer, with blood moons, eclipses and unseasonably sunny Octobers.

Now it’s time to take a step to the darker side, and we’re getting inspired by beastly beauties, delectably menacing trinkets, and of course – plenty of black.

Read on and delve into our bewitching Halloween collection – The Craft.


Where the wild things are

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned creepy story when the nights draw in… as tiny feet scarper in the dark to avoid a menacing predator, and thin, brittle claws scrape and scratch at the door…

Strange and uncannily beguiling, but be warned - our beastly beauties aren’t quite the stuff of fluffy, happy fairy tales. You won’t find any sweet bunnies hopping across fields – they’ve met the rather sharp end of an axe, unfortunately.

Head Off Rabbit & Axe EarringsHanging Mouse Pendant

While the endless game of cat and mouse takes an unexpected twist – as both of the furry critters find themselves at the end of an intricate silver noose.


Unleash your claws

Sharpen your talons and unfurl your wings, as you take inspiration from our flying friends – your claws will be an object of wonder, as they drip with gold and glitter with ornate jewels.

Oxidised Single Claw with Gold NailsHaematite Delusions of Grandeur

A subtle single claw ring is perfect to channel a dark, fantastic touch to your everyday wardrobe, while for an altogether more fabulous piece of macabre magic, grasp a glittering stone tight in your talons – this mystical haematite claw ring brings a unique, Gothic twist to your collection.


Off with her head!

Feeling more blood-thirsty than the Queen of Hearts?

Forget the fake paint and bloody tattoos – and opt for a more lustrous take instead.

Golden Bloody NecklaceBloody Heart

Golden droplets of blood ooze tantalisingly from Lusasul’s haunting Bloody necklace – while vampires may be wary of her strange and illusory Bloody Heart pendant.


Back in black

No Halloween wardrobe is complete without a generous helping of black, of course – we’ll be fending off the ghostly chills with coven-worthy platform boots and a 90s Charmed-sisters-inspired LBD.

But where do you keep your handy Book of Shadows, spare spell ingredients (ok, lunch) and that most essential magical tool of all – your phone?

A sleek black bag is essential to complete your Halloween look – from the generously sized Full Pint satchel, to a sleek and sumptuous clutch bag, perfect for aspirant witches.

Lausanne BlackFull Pint

How will you be channelling your darker side this Halloween? We want to see your spookiest pictures!


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