5 Styles of Tanya: Hide My Coat

Posted on 13 November 2016

Hide My Coat


If your choosing your basic of clothes; High waisted pants and a blush top are always a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Besides, they look so Italian says Tanya.

Pair this looking with earrings and a ring to match, handmade by Turkish designer Toosis. Turquoise & Coral Stones set in Sterling Silver with gold plating really brings the colours to life! Each stone has its own texture and unique colour which differ from one to another so your jewels will really be one of a kind.

Match the look with a solid leather satchel, handmade in the UK by Dreams Code. These bags really show personality with hand embossed details.

Finished with a curved block heel which helps to stay chic from the office to the bar!

 Italian Motifs

Dreams Code & Toosis



You can’t beat that easy breezy fabric feel, especially if it’s styled with a unique print and candy mood. It’s one of those set’s that should be in your wardrobe in case you need to feel airy, says Tasia.

Styled again with Dreams Code’s black satchel and Mademoiselle Felee’s many choices of bracelets to show your true Parisian inner girl to the world.

 Catching Marshmellow Vibes

Mademoiselle Felee


There’s no hiding this coat! The ultimate “Girl Boss” blazer paired with high wasted pants and gold statement buttons are made for each other.

Styled with Roz Buehrlen Swallow Earrings & Necklace handmade in the Garden of England, Kent by Roz herself!


Timeless Waterfalls

Roz Buehrlen


Planning a get-away in the sun? Take a piece of Mexico with you through the talented Lusasul! Made from Sterling Silver and inspired by emotion these jewels really have meaning.


Classic, Creamy, Asymmetric



When attending that All White Party, forget the typical dress that springs to mind and shake things up your own style!

Accessorised with Saloukee’s Rock Ring and Gudrun Earrings made from 100% recycled metal. Each jewel from the collection is truly a one off and you will never find two exactly the same, anywhere in the world.


All White Boat Party


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  • Pinar Sondal: November 29, 2016

    Great Tips! Thank you

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