5 Trendy Backpacks That You Need In Your Life

Posted on 04 October 2017


Once only preserved for school children, brands such as Chanel and Gucci have embraced the backpack. Fast forward a few seasons, and backpacks are suddenly the accessory of choice. To help you embrace this trend with maximum individuality , we’ve compiled a list of 5 trendy backpacks that you need in your life.





Dreams Code’s trendy backpacks combine traditional embroidery techniques with contemporary design. The embroidered detail on these backpacks is handmade by craftsmen in the Yunnan and Dali region, with the rest of the accessory being constructed in England. This painstaking process makes them one our favourite backpack designers!






There’s really no such thing as too much fringe. Ozerianko design trendy backpacks that reflect a fearless and playful approach to style. Emblazoned with unique hand-painted patterns, Ozerianko’s signature aesthetic was achieved through a series of happy experiments. These bags are for people who want to stand out from the crowd, which is why we love them.






Alisa Smirnova design for confident and strong women with a drive for success. The label is inspired by Smirnova’s experience of being a young Russian woman living in East London. We especially love how these trendy backpacks merge both Eastern and Western influences, as well as combining sophistication with rock ’n’ roll.





Abury strive to produce pieces that both look good and feel good. The brand are committed to leaving the world a better place by investing time, love and money in the communities. This is something we really admire. With their range of trendy backpacks, Abury want wearers to be bold, brave and love the world we live in.





LE SURI use cork to create their trendy backpack designs. By experimenting with new materials, the brand show a redefined face of sustainable fashion and prove that chic design and eco-friendliness can go together. The brand were recently awarded the official PETA approved certification - so you can look good and feel good!




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