Claudia Baldazzi – the Must Have Bijoux of the Modern World

Posted on 29 October 2015

Claudia Baldazzi


Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine you’re in 14th century Italy.

Nestled in the warmth of the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by gorgeous architecture, and a wealth of utterly unique jewellery, artwork and glorious riches, as befits the families of the Italian elite classes.

For Claudia Baldazzi, inspiration comes straight from these historic and fantastically opulent pieces of heritage. She creates incredible works of wearable art, that capture all the richness and femininity of Italy’s wonderful art and design history – and brings it into the modern world.


The family tradition

Coming from a family of artisans, it’s only natural that creativity would run in the blood. A family tradition of leather craftsmanship gave Claudia creative and design skills and manual dexterity - that she would use with fine jewels instead.

Her innate talents were combined with her own passion and enthusiasm, and after spending some time in Milan’s foremost design schools, her own unique vision was born.


Wearable art

Inspired by the extravagances of Italian art, Claudia’s designs glimmer and shine with a feeling of luxury. Experimenting with precious materials, Swarovski gems and an array of glittering crystals, each piece in her collection is an exotic gem to swoon over and covet.

Golden Round Ring Crystal Filigree Ear Cuffs 

From show-stopping bejewelled unique rings that evoke Byzantine royality, to luscious ear cuffs that rain down with filigree crystals, these handcrafted jewels are made for the most sophisticated of occasions – or any time that you need to channel some serious elegance into your outfit.

Original and imbued with stylistic inspiration Claudia Baldazzi’s collection is perfect for adding a touch of regal glamour and refinement. Explore her online boutique to discover your favourite piece – all that’s left is the perfect date to show off your stunning new jewels.



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