6 Animal-Inspired Jewellery Designers For Animal Lovers

Posted on 12 July 2017

6 Animal-Inspired Jewellery Designers For Animal Lovers


The UK are a nation of animal lovers. In fact, which country isn’t?! My grandmother used to say you should never trust anyone who hates animals - and she was right. At Pommier HQ, we love ourselves a posh pooch and a crazy crustacean. If you love cute creatures just as much as us, we’ve compiled a list of animal-inspired jewellery designers to feed your animal addiction!



Origami Jewellery was formed by Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac, two French friends inspired by the beautiful Japanese art of origami. Creating origami-inspired jewellery presents limitless opportunity for experimentation. Today, Origami Jewellery counts 22 different models available in four gorgeous finishes. These delicate pieces make for perfect gifts for animal lovers, allowing the wearer to show their playful and caring side.





Watches don’t come much cuter than this! Founded by Jim and Chloe Read, British brand Newgate Watches are renowned for their innovative, modern timepieces. Aside from these ultra adorable animal-inspired designs, Newgate create a range of striking watches can either be the centrepiece of a look or blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. Still, we can’t get enough of the French Bulldog design!





Tessa Metcalfe is a born and raised East London girl, where spent her childhood playing in the park and developing a fascination with the creatures of the sky. Inspired by the city of London, Metcalfe’s collection features the foot of a pigeon as a recurring motif, creating designs that are reminiscent of fairy tales. If you're an animal lover who likes the look of these animal-inspired pieces, come fly with us and shop Tessa Metcalfe today!





BUG's nostalgic designs capture the essence of childhood, transforming everyday household items like rubbed ducks into unique animal-inspired jewellery pieces. We really love the way that BUG simplify shapes and create designs that don’t take themselves too seriously. The perfect gift for any animal lover!






Feeling crabby? Kate Gilliland’s decadent jewellery designs immortalise our favourite crustaceans in precious metal. From foraging in the British woodland to finding these beautiful fragments of nature in the urban landscape, every piece has it’s own story. By zooming in on details, Gilliland's animal-inspired jewellery designs encourage the wearer to see beauty in the natural world.





Monvatoo London started in 2012 inspired by love of creatures and the whimsical fantasy. Over the years, the Monvatoo team have added more creatures to their family, each more distinctive than the last. We particularly love their pug-inspired rings: 10/10 adorable! The Monvatoo Kingdom is waiting to be discovered - so jump in!




Are you an animal lover? Let us know which of our animal-inspired designers is your fave in the comments below.

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