7 Fashion Bloggers Supporting Emerging Designers

Posted on 19 December 2016

Being on top of Fashion Trends is a tough gig! But we're not really into "following trends", we're more about being unique, showing some personality, telling a story through our style and we're not alone. Fashion Bloggers & Fashion Enthusiasts look far and wide to discover accessories they know will show their flare and one of their top tips is to search the world of Emerging Designers.

Emerging Designers look to push the boundaries as to what is considered the norm in their craft. They look for inspiration in places slightly unusual to the obvious. Take Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery for example, her inspiration is drawn from the gutter and I mean literally! Her jewellery pays homage to the London Pigeon and her ring's are direct casts of those pigeon's she found passed away in the gutters.

Anyway, enough of the "jib-a-jabber" lets get to the pictures!

Here are the Instagram's of 7 Fashion Bloggers Supporting Emerging Designers...

Beanie Major is the girl behind @InDetail - A Instagram Feed focused on amazing jewellery from all over the world. Beanie is wearing her Kite Signet Ring with an Emerald Gemstone, carefully handmade by Ellie Air Jewellery

This is Tasia, she's the babe behind the fashion blog Hide My Coat. Tasia has been supporting emerging designers for years now and she really has her own style. What's better is how she can transform her look to fit any day or evening whilst maintaining her image. Here, she is wearing the beautiful handmade necklace & bracelet by Mexico's finest Lusasul

We're going to use this space to congratulate Alissa on the birth of her new baby! Alissa has literally been the most stylish mum-to-be and is now one the most stylish mom's in New York. Here she is wearing the Double Circle Ring by Italian emerging designer, Mikinora

Wearing @joythestore in my new blog post, with an aw trend break down. Link in bio. 💙

A photo posted by Paige Joanna (@paigejoannaa) on

Paige Joanna is a petite girl with a passion for all things beautiful and creative. By day she is a Social Media Executive and by night a Red Headed Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. Here she is wearing a beautifully handcrafted With Love From Brit Stitch satchel by the Welsh Emerging Designer Brit Stitch

Tan x 2️⃣ This look now up on the blog 👉🏻 stylonylon.com 👍🏻

A photo posted by Julia Rebaudo | Stylonylon (@stylonylon) on

Julia Rebaudo is the girl behind Stylonylon and we love her! She likes to take a different approach to fashion discovery by delving behind the scene's to meet the makers to really understand the brands. Here is Julia with her stylish bag by Emerging Designer Cru London

Currently wearing @tessametcalfe & @vulpeculajewelry 👌

A photo posted by Made of Jewelry [by Sophie] (@madeofjewelry) on

Launched in 2013 as a jewelry blog and not really having a plan with it, Made of Jewelry has grown to a place where you can find information about designers and their fabulous designs. Here is Founder Sophie wearing her very popular single pigeon claw ring by Emerging Designer Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery

Olivia's blog started out as her own way of keeping track of her outfits more than anything else, but has since evolved to be a huge part of her life, which is so incredibly exciting! Here she is wearing a Silver Mega Lune Necklace handmade by Emerging Designer Avalanche Jewellery


If we have missed anyone out, let us know in the comments and we will be sure to add you on the next one!



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