7 Fashion Hacks You Need to Know in 2017

Posted on 23 January 2017

Fashion Hacks for 2017


The fashion landscape has shifted. The rise of bloggers, vloggers and a keen focus on street style means we aren’t playing by the fashion rules anymore. What we wear has become a more fluid expression of who we are. Our favourite designers inspire us but we have the power to interpret looks in a unique way. A quick glance at Instagram shows just how imaginatively we are thinking about fashion and this makes our style landscape a whole lot more interesting. Fashion hacks are one of the ways we can play with clothes, coming up with new ideas to change up our look. We’ve brought together some our favourite fashion hacks of 2017 to help you find your perfect new year style.


Belt Up Outerwear

We spend most of the year hiding our favourite outfits under coats and jackets, sometimes forgetting that stylish outerwear is just as important. Pick a great statement belt to pair with your coat or jacket to add serious style points.

Belt Fashion Hack


Use the Power of the #

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that you just can’t figure out how to style? Or do you always put together the same outfits in the same way? The power of the # is a unique benefit of right now. Simply search the item that’s causing you a headache and check out how fashionistas around the world are wearing it. Social media can be an amazing source of stylespiration.

Jewellery Hashtags


Be Scarf Smart 

Scarves are so much more than neck warmers and one of our favourite fashion hacks of 2017. Use a silk scarf to tie into the choker trend or pick an oversized cotton print to drape over your t-shirts. Underused and underappreciated the humble scarf can give a huge variety of looks.

Scarf Fashion Hack


Dive into DIY

Personalising clothes is a steadily growing trend. So, whether your attacking your jeans with pinking shears or personalising your old leather jacket with badges and buttons have fun thinking about how you can make a garment all about you.

Customise Fashion Hack


Think Accessories

Most of us put together an outfit before we even start to think on accessories. Flip your thinking around to reimagine how you dress. Start with your shoes or that gorgeous statement necklace and build your look from there. It’s an easy but clever way to shake up your style.

Shoe Fashion Hack


Adapt Sportswear

A very cool offshoot of the athleisure look is that we can begin to involve our previously entirely separate sportswear into our everyday look. This works really well if you pair athletic wear with luxe fabrics and garments. Leather trousers with a sweatshirt is an amazing high fashion look.

Sportswear Fashion Hack


Stack Jewellery

Not sure which ring to wear today? Wear them all. Well, maybe not quite, but for a very contemporary jewellery look you need to stack up those favourite rings, necklaces or bangles for maximum impact. It’s best to pick just one of these items to stack though to avoid the ‘Mr T’ effect…

Jewellery Fashion Hack


Fashion hacking is here to stay. Start thinking outside of the style box and see what you discover.

We want to know your favourite fashion hacks of 2017. Share your style secrets below.





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