9 Simple Watches That You Need In Your Life

Posted on 18 February 2018




Founded in 2016, Votch is the next ethical brand to make it big through designing striking yet simple watches. The manufacturing process has been carefully considered to ensure only the strictest ethical standards are adhered to. Votch watchstraps are interchangeable, meaning that your watch can be easily transformed to match your mood.








Element24’s design ethos is clear: design simple watches they that they themselves would want to own. In a world of fast-fashion, these designs are made to stand the test of time using only the finest materials, creating stunning watches that are not normally found in such a reasonable price range.







Founded by husband and wife Jim and Chloe Read, British watch designer Newgate create modern, trendy watches. Newgate carefully craft their designs to become a versatile, wearable statement. We love how these simple watches can be easily combined with your existing wardrobe.






Freedom To Exist was also founded by a husband and wife duo. I suppose the couple that design watches together, stay (on time) together, right? The pair’s knowledge and experience, combined with their love of design, is clear to all who wear their simple watches. The classic combination of black and silver makes this black leather watch one not to miss.








Adexe Watches find inspiration for their simple watches in architecture. With a British design ethos, the brand aim to put a contemporary spin on traditional watchmaking techniques. This black watch is inspired by Biosphere museum in Montreal, which was built in 1967 and once destroyed.








Barbas and Zacári was founded in Melbourne, Australia. Their passion for simple watches and contemporary designs influences shines through in their versatile collections. Supporters of the Cancer Research Foundation of Australia, five dollars from every watch is donated to the charity, so you can look good and feel good!








Burlingham London are primarily driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Channeling a diverse range of influences, Burlingham seek inspiration from classic fabrics and historical gold sovereigns. This brown leather strap, with gold face, is the perfect all-year-round accessory.







Inspired by the golden age of watchmaking of the 21st century, Minute & Azimut watches are built to stand the test of time. Last year, the brand even launched a collection of beautiful timepieces inspired by 1960’s design. Although they design watches with an endless array of coloured straps, this black and silver design is one of our favourite simple watches.






Cluse’s simple watches are about people who find beauty in minimalism. The brand's philosophy is all about elevating simplicity from drab to fab. Simple does not have to equal boring. With this mindset, Cluse are committed to making watches that represent minimalism and elegance.




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