The Foolproof Gift Guide: Unique Jewellery for a Sparkling Christmas

Posted on 16 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas 

Scratching your head when it comes to finding the perfect gift to place under the tree this Christmas?


We’re here to take all the stress out of pressie shopping for you. Check out our completely fool-proof gift guide to help you find the right gift for everyone in your life.


Stocking sweeties

No one is ever too old to miss the buzz of finding treats stuffed in their festive stocking. Especially sweet treats.

You can skip the cavities while still indulging chocoholic tendencies to the max, with Tadam! Design's tantalising collection of utterly unique necklaces.


And who wouldn’t want to wake up to the scent of caramel doughnuts on Christmas Morning?


Mystic magic

Need an extra dose of contemporary quirkiness for your effortlessly cool friend?

These brash and bold earrings from the Japanese-inspired label, Mystic Forms are absolutely brilliant.

FORM 003 FORM 003 FORM 003

With stark graphic shapes and a surgical slice of colour, they make the perfect finishing touch to an all-black outfit.


Delicate delights

Sweet, whimsical and utterly lovely.

For your friend who wafts through life with an air of fairy-tale magic and everyday mystery, have a gander at the charmingly pretty delights from Bark Jewellery – an intimate collection of unique jewellery that captures folk tales and fantasy in silver and gold.

Circus characters come to life, as lions fly and elephants dance.

Poppin Elephant Necklace Feather Necklace Flying Lion Necklace

Simple and captivating, these beautiful pieces will have you on top of our gift giving game.


Perfectly practical

What do you get your perfectly minimalist BFF who manages to make the most sparingly simple outfit look like she just stepped out of an editorial shoot?

Something that’s just as perfectly sleek, simple and gorgeous as her, of course.

Meckela's unique handbags have us utterly in love, and one look at their exquisitely soft leather goodness shows you why. Clean, fuss-free outlines, buttery soft leather and elegant silhouettes with the subtlest of stamps make these seriously covetable.

Shay-Lee Bag Nitzan Backpack Desi Shoulder Bag

You might just want to treat yourself to an extra one too though. Just a warning.


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