Show stopping Gold – Gleam your way to gorgeousness

Posted on 17 December 2015


Drama by the bucket load.

Full throttle glamour - and show stopping shine.

‘Tis the season, after all – so why hold back?

Gold is on form in this season with a unique and contemporary collection of jewellery, from some of our favourite designers.

Read on to discover our 10 most lust-worthy picks.


Borrowed pearls

Pearls and gold are a classic combo, along with cashmere twin sets – but there’s nothing Stepford Wives about these dainty earrings.

Borrowing Her Pearls Earrings

Detachable pearls add a subtle embellishment to these sleek gold accessories, for an instantly elegant style statement.


Little gems

Designer Goldie Rox knows all about the uniquely glittering world of fine jewellery, as the world’s youngest diamond valuer. After turning that sharp eye to the shimmer of gold, her collection captures humour and high style in equal measures.

Little Gem Necklace

This detailed and delicate gold necklace is a gorgeous finishing touch.


Victorian sentiments

This sweet and sophisticated rose gold pendant necklace is inspired by Victorian hair jewellery – a uniquely historical touch given a contemporary update in fine metals.

Fishbone Plait Teardrop Necklace

In a classic teardrop shape, this is a stunning addition to a neutral palette.


Tiny axe

Inject some subtle and quirky humour with these sharp little golden axe earrings.

Tiny Axe Earrings

Unusual, to say the least – and perfect for pampering your inner Queen of Hearts.


Magic spells

A magic golden ring, adorned with a mystical and mysterious pattern?

Magic Ring

Before you even have a chance to practice your best Gollum voice, you’ll fall in love with these painstakingly perfect hand-crafted rings. Customise your magical quotient and choose from three different sizes.


Give them the finger

Maya Magal is the queen of creating utterly understated designs that manage to exude volumes of style.

Mid Finger Ring

And this unique mid finger ring is a deceptively simple but powerful style statement.


Dripping delight

Tantalisingly tactile, Jung Ee Eun’s collection of designs inspired by the unique shape of molten liquid look wonderfully lascivious – this dripping gold ring is a decadent delight.

Dripping Gold Ring


Lock of love

A statement of true love in the most charming pieces of jewellery we’ve ever come across - Jessica de Lotz’s Locks of Love are a wonderful way to share how you feel.

Love & Lock Ring


Shifting perspectives

Two delicate bars placed side by side make a double-edged style statement necklace – contrast glittering gold with dark metal, or pair silver and gold together for a fresh, contemporary look.

Shift Necklace


Delusions of grandeur

There’s nothing delusional about this serious little stunner of a ring – Tessa Metcalfe’s signature mix of all-out opulence and fantasy combine in a unique piece of jewellery, guaranteed to become a conversation starter.

Delusions of Grandeur

What more could you want from a party piece?



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