7 British Jewellery Designers You Need To Know

Posted on 23 August 2017

The evolution of social media has made it even easier for creative people to turn their idea into a global success. In the fast-changing world, we've been thrilled to see so many British jewellery designers leading the pack. Here are 7 British jewellery designers you need to know.



British jewellery designer Momocreatura are renowned for creating intriguing, whimsical collections. Momocreatura explore the boundaries between reality and make-believe by creating pieces of wearable fine art.








Full moon. Half moon. Total Eclipse! Founded by Naomi Earl, London based designer Avalance combine their unique brand of rock and roll with classic ethereal design. Inspired by the street style of London and Paris, Avalanche is one of the British jewellery designers giving us a total eclipse of the heart!






By turning her etchings into beautifully tactile pieces, Annabelle Lucilla’s collections act as an exploration of sculpture and surface. Annabelle finds constant inspiration from ancient civilizations and Indian architecture. She continues this fascination in the manufacturing process by reviving traditional techniques to achieve unique textures.







Founded in 2008 by British jewellery designer Sarah Kelly, Saloukee is heavily influenced by historical and contemporary haute couture. Over the last decade, the brand has expanded to include handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. However, Saloukee’s real specialty is bespoke designs, creating jewellery that challenge the traditional boundaries of contemporary design.





Wolf & Moon is the brainchild of artist and designer Hannah Davis. All jewellery in Wolf & Moon’s contemporary collections is made in-house by skilled artisans, with materials sourced in the UK and Europe from other independent businesses. The accessible price point of Wolf & Moon’s collections makes the brand one of our favourite British jewellery designers.







AnUka Jewellery was founded by Francesca Kippax in 2012. Their designs ooze simplicity, featuring striking shapes and smooth finishes. These pieces are ideal for taking on holiday, as they are perfect for transitioning between day and night.







Tessa Metcalfe was born and raised in London, where spent her childhood looking up at the sky in awe at all things that fly. Inspired by London, Metcalfe’s collections feature birds as a motif, creating designs that wouldn’t look out of place in fairy tales.




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