Daughter of Jón: Scandi Chic with a Hackney Edge

Posted on 30 August 2016

Daughter of Jon


Sleek, flawless lines. Lustworthy silhouettes (and heaps of practical space.) And – made of fish leather?

Daughter of Jon are not your typical contemporary accessories label.

Born in London, but drawing in inspirational cues from Iceland, Vienna and further afield, Daughter of Jon bring a primal feeling of freshness to the contemporary minimalist aesthetic, turning classic style staples on their head.


Global style inspiration

Daughter of Jón, founded by Hedi Jónsdóttir, brings a richly cosmopolitan flavour, from her winding international path through life.

Raised in Reykjavik and studying in Vienna before moving to Barcelona, each city’s unique style persona was added to the cultural melting pot – the earthy texture of the Icelandic landscape merging with the zesty brightness of Barcelona, along with the historic flourish and classical heritage of Vienna.

Stir in a heavy dose of London street style – her next stop along the way – and Daughter of Jón emerged as an accessories label that delivers modern sophistication, with a generous side of surprise.

Fish Leather  

Fabric sculptures

Describing the process of creating a handbag as crafting a sculpture, there’s something tactile, inviting and utterly unconstrainted about Hedi’s designs. The brand’s collection interlinks a playful take on creativity, zipping through a kaleidoscopic array of style inspiration, colours and textures that make picking out a handbag as close as you can ever get to the mind-boggling array of your dream sweetshop.

Rich, vibrant jewel tones pop viscerally into life with textured fish leather (yes, really), while contemporary style staples in versatile denim and navy striped canvas are reconfigured with a well-considered practicality, and an enviously stripped back aesthetic. In denim and fish leather, the staple denim bucket bag exudes nonchalant ease, while having a subtle style twist with a nautical themed rope tie.

Denim Bag Yellow Clutch Bag Nykur Blue Bag

Hedi knows how to play with shapes, colours and proportions, taking them to new creative edges – with tantalisingly tempting results. Juicy bright clutches make the struggles of night-out-outfit choosing an effervescent joy, while roomy practical handbags are adorned with subtle but striking details – that sing out for attention without needing to be ostentatious. With colour combos that contrast natural elements with urban touches, they make the perfect city accomplice.

While it racks up mega fashion points, Daughter of Jón is all about practical and versatile design – these are pieces created to be lived in, every moment of your day – while imbuing your everyday experience with a power-packed punch of eye-catching style.

And the brand’s fantastic collection of cardholders captures this perfectly – these stunning little pieces will stand out from the bottom of an over-crowded handbag, making your daily essential plastic a little more fun to tote around. Not to mention – they’re the perfect conversation piece.

Crafting each piece carefully using fish leather and natural fabrics, every handbag is both sustainable and stylish. With attention to every detail – and a dreaming mind that fills every item with absolute creativity, Daughter of Jón are a brand that instantly commands attention.


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