Designer Scarves Have Landed at The Pommier: Our Top Picks

Posted on 07 September 2017

Summer 2017 has been glorious. Well, as much as can be reasonably expected in the UK. For the most part, the majority of Britain has been treated to warm sunshine at least a handful of times over the summer months. We’ve had a ball.

But there comes a time when the seasons must change and the leaves start to fall from the trees. With the slightest chill blowing through the air, that time is almost upon us.

But you shouldn’t worry, because we’re thrilled to announce that designer scarves have arrived at The Pommier! Just in time for autumn, our gorgeous selection of silk neck ties are perfect for injecting a splash of colour to your ensemble. With two brands available to shop now, we’re excited to keep growing this branch of The Pommier family tree.

The first brand to be selling their designer scarves is XISS Jewellery, whose striking jewellery has been with us for some time. XISS use the finest materials, with an emphasis on texture and quality. In a world of throwaway fashion, the brand hopes to provide pieces that are forward-thinking yet timeless. This can be clearly seen their range of beautiful designer scarves.

Secondly we have Toosis, who have also been a part of The Pommier family thanks to their elegant jewellery designs. Founded in 2001, Toosis are inspired by the creative buzz of urban areas. The brand aim to take looks from the past and combine them with contemporary trends from cities. This philosophy has remained central to their approach when creating designer scarves.







This striking pink and blue scarf is designed to mimic the texture of quartz. We love the intensity of the colours that have been digitally printed onto the design.






Is it a snake? Is it a leopard? Who knows, but we love how this animal-inspired print keeps us guessing and contains all the colours of the rainbow.






With yet more inspiration from nature, we love how this turquoise and pink silk design evokes natural beauty of a Monarch butterfly wing. With colour combinations this gorgeous, how could we not include this piece on our edit of our favourite designer scarves?





In a zany shade of lime green, this is one of those designer scarves that is guaranteed to brighten up your autumn!






Displaying a playful illustration by Mine Dogan of a fisherman and a mermaid at sea, this scarf transports you to a place far away. We particularly love the way that the colours and shapes interweave when this piece is worn.







With another playful illustration, who says summer can't last all year round? With flamingos, fruits and leaves, the sun shines wherever this scarf goes.




What do you think of our designer scarves? Let us know in the comments below or share on Facebook and Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!


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