Did Professor Green just propose to Fae Williams with a Tessa Metcalfe ring?

Posted on 20 February 2017

Professor Green, a rapper from Hackney, London treated his girlfriend Fae Williams to a beautiful ring made by Tessa Metcalfe this Valentines Day which has sparked confusion around a possible engagement.



Tessa Metcalfe and Professor Green are originally from Hackney and both know how to get people talking!

The 33 year old music artist and TV host sparked engagement rumours last week by sharing an Instagram snap of his girlfriend Fae Williams wearing a Tessa Metcalfe ring on a certain finger. 

Fingers crossed this time ay 🤔😌

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Over the past few years, stylish couples have flocked to get an alternative engagement ring to the traditional styles and Tessa Metcalfe has been a favourite choice. Her style is so unique and true to her brand that fashionista's both men and women can resonate with.

Sure, both Professor Green and Fae Williams fans were quick to congratulate the couple by commenting "Congratulations to you both! She is a lucky lady! Wishing you all the luck in the world! You deserve it xx', and: Congratulations @professorgreen happy that you have found love!'

But, things got confusing by the way Professor Green seemingly confirmed by writing ‘Fingers crossed this time ay.’

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Anyhow, it later appeared that things may not quite be as they seem with the potential announcement.

On Pro Green's Instagram Story he shares a few videos of Fae Williams wearing her Tessa Metcalfe ring...but this time it wasn't on her left hand? She had also swapped the ring to sit on her index finger too.

Professor Green also posted a photo of himself wearing the jewel. He had sported the ring on his baby finger and wrote 'Engaged to myself. Wait a minute, wrong finger.'


Professor Green with Tessa Metcalfe Ring


Fans are now convinced that Professor Green was just having a big ol' joke. One even wrote that they where 'Fuming they're not engaged.'

Wether they are engaged or not, that is a serious piece of jewellery and we love you all either way.

Would a Tessa Metcalfe ring be on your hit list for your engagement? We love the inside scoop so let us know in the comments below.

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