Good Enough To Eat: Food-Inspired Jewellery

Posted on 11 May 2017


Today is national 'Eat What You Want' day. Aside from our love of accessories, at The Pommier we're real foodies at heart, so any day that allows us to indulge completely guilt-free is something that we can get behind. To celebrate the ultimate cheat-day, we've selected our favourite food-inspired jewellery. If these pieces don't wet your appetite, we don't know what will...




Bijoux De Famille was founded by French designer Julie Pasquet with the vision of injecting humour into contemporary jewellery design. When it comes to food-inspired jewellery, there are few dishes more iconic than the (sort of) official food of France, the French fry. To go with your fries, why not grab a drink of Cola and add some kitsch, colourful fun to your collection?






Did someone say donuts? If you've got a sweet tooth, then then Tadam's mouth-watering selection of donut necklaces - available in almost every combination of colour and flavour imaginable - will be sure to tickle your fancy. 





Maintaining a healthy diet can be tough, and, if we're honest, a little bit boring. Still, Lee Renee's decadent gold fruit-inspired designs are anything but dull. If you're in the mood for a little extra indulgence, Renee's ice cream necklace is the perfect option for cheat-day. 





Sometimes it's the simple things in life that really hit the spot. BUG's nostalgic designs capture the essence of British comfort food, transforming everyday household essentials into unique food-inspired jewellery pieces while proving that inspiration really is everywhere. 







There's really nothing better than a good burger, is there? Well, that is, except from a burger coated in 22ct gold. If you consider yourself to be a burger aficionado, then Goldie Rox's irreverent designs are the perfect way to prove your devotion.  



Which one of our food-inspired jewellery pieces is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!




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