6 Gold Charm Bracelets That You Need In Your Life

Posted on 05 November 2017


One thing that we love about jewellery is how classic designs are passed through the ages and constantly updated by the young designers of the day. Gold charm bracelets are one such design. The great thing about a gold charm bracelet is that they are extremely sentimental as charms are often given and received as gifts from loved ones. There’s something very romantic about a bracelet with charms that holds memories. If you’re in the market for a new piece, discover our favourite designs.





Roz Buehrlen's passion started when she worked in a bronze foundry as a teenager. Since opening her own brand she now sells her punk-inspired creations world wide. We love this gold charm bracelet because it reminds us of vintage tattoo designs.





Inspired by Helios, the Greek God of the sun, Annabelle Lucilla’s collection adds a touch of the exotic to everyday life. We love the ancient, yet decadent vibe that these pieces give off, especially this beautiful charm bracelet. Each sphere has been made individually and soldered on to create a radiating pattern, mimicking the sun's rays - enough to brighten the most dreary of days!






Rebecca Joseph is a London-based jewellery designer. Since moving from her native New Zealand to busy London, she has found peace in amongst the madness of the city by practicing yoga. This playful 18 ct gold plated sterling silver bracelet has 1cm discs dangling with Mr Bunny practicing yoga warrior poses. It’s the perfect talking piece!





As the name may suggest Poporcelain pieces are born out of a fascination with one material: porcelain! Still, the brand often combine other materials such as gold with their striking designs. Each piece of porcelain has been kiln fired for over ten hours - now that’s dedication. We love this clean and simple charm bracelet. Everyone deserves a star to wish on - especially a gold one!





Maro’s Byzantine collection symbolises protection, peace and beauty. It is inspired by the delicate carved wooden latticework found on Mashrabiyas, special wooden windows found in ancient Egypt and other Arabic countries. The Byzantine Jaras Bracelet is the perfect example of this intricate approach to design. The bracelet features a Byzantine bell charm, and is handmade in Sterling silver before being covered in 18ct Yellow Gold plate. 




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