How Men are Accessorising Like a Boss

Posted on 08 January 2017

How Men are Accessorising Like a Boss


A decade ago, men’s accessories where a tiny corner of male fashion. A dusty, forgotten place of ugly cufflinks and bad bling. Luckily for men everywhere, menswear has evolved. Men are accessorising like fashion bosses and accessories are an essential part of any style conscious man’s wardrobe. At The Pommier we are passionate about celebrating the very best of men’s accessory trends. Here are some of our favourite ways that men are taking those finishing touches to a whole new level.

The Rucksack

This piece of school inspired luggage has been on the up for several seasons and shows no signs of slowing down. Although initial incarnations had a distinctly sporty feel we are now seeing more refined versions of this key trend with the so called ‘boardroom backpack’ increasing in popularity. For spring/ summer 2017 we are seeing a call back to a more utilitarian style while embracing a wide range of colours, styles and materials. We don’t think you can go wrong with this Leather/Fabric Survey Classic from Kjore Project in a retro Camo print. It will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Camo Backpack - Mens Accessory Trends

The Bracelet

Mens Jewellery or the affectionately named ‘Mewellery’ has had something of a slow uptake but continuing trends for leather and woven wrist bands have begun to move it into the mainstream. Born perhaps from a resurgence in festival culture these bracelets have a relaxed, bohemian feel which adds a playfulness to any outfit. This Airplane Bracelet from Madmen Jewellery is chunky enough to stand out from the crowd but restrained enough to feel like a classic.

Airplane Bracelet - Mens Accessories


The Cap

Another schoolyard favourite, the cap has evolved through the last few seasons. Designs in bold and luxe fabrics have taken this out of the sports field and into the front row. It’s one of the easiest men’s accessory trends to wear and is a quick and cost effective way to update your look. Pick a classic sports brand to tie into the 90’s grunge revival or go wild with bold colours and fabrics to add wow factor to a simple outfit.

Pineapple Hat - Mens Accessories


Tie & Lapel Pins

A surprising resurgence in what was considered a long-forgotten piece of vintage jewellery has helped to add some punch to men’s formalwear. An interest in all things vintage has helped to unearth this classic trend and make it new. The wonderful thing about these men’s accessory trends are that they are limited only by your imagination. So, whether you unearth a vintage find in a second hand shop or buy an edgy new design you can find something which truly reflects your personal style. Lee Renee is producing some exquisite examples and this Shark Jaw Bone Tie Pin with Pearl combines beauty and masculinity perfectly.

Shark Jawbone Tie Pin - Mens Trends



What are your favourite men’s accessory trends of right now? Or what would you like to see revived from the past? Join the discussion below or connect with The Pommier through our social media channels. 


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