January 2017 – Men’s Fashion Highlights

Posted on 15 January 2017


Forget Christmas, January is all about the new, the fresh and the innovative. This month sees the fashion carnival coming to town in London, Madrid and Paris as men’s style takes the spotlight at Fashion Week. Men’s fashion is also set to leap out of its comfort zone this year with purple, punk and pink all falling into trend. With so much going on it can be hard to keep pace with the word on the fashion street. Fear not, The Pommier has its finger firmly on the style pulse and we’ve shone the spotlight on 3 of our favourite men’s fashion accessories brands to inspire you this month.


Anchor and Crew

Anchor and Crew

The nautical never really goes out of style with the Breton stripe a fashion staple. Anchor and Crew certainly design men’s fashion accessories with the sea firmly in mind. Think woven bracelets inspired by rope fastened with an anchor clasp and clean designs in sterling silver.

Anchor and Crew is a firmly British brand inspired by our naval heritage and handmade right here by local craftsmen. The modern meets the historical in designs inspired by a seafaring past.

Stornaway Bracelet

Brand Pick: We love the masculinity of the Stornaway bracelets combing beauty and ruggedness to simple but eye catching effect.



Rubirosa Bags

Rubirosa is a Swiss brand taking simplicity to new heights. Men’s luggage and bags can be a difficult thing to get right but Rubirosa combines clean design and high end materials to stunning effect. Carefully worn chestnut leather sits alongside vintage inspired briefcases in a collection that speaks of timeless elegance.

Rubirosa is inspired by the life and style of Porfirio Rubirosa, a Latin American diplomat said to be the inspiration for James Bond. This is a brand with effortless cool.

Calluna Weekender Bag

Brand Pick: An investment in the Calluna weekend bag will be one you won’t regret. Soft but sturdy brown leather and high end craftsmanship create a classic overnight bag that will take you anywhere.


Kjore Project

Kjore Projects

Kjore Project is a men’s fashion accessories brand with an eye for the past. Combining vintage designs with high end materials has resulted in a range of luxury bags with a classic feel. We love the sense of fun Kjore Project brings to its designs with playful prints featuring throughout the collection.

The print spectrum makes it easy to bring your style right up to date whilst maintaining a retro vibe through the consistently classic designs. With backpacks still riding high on the fashion playlist this is a great option for your next statement bag.

Leather/Wool Survey Evo Backpack

Brand Pick: The Leather Wool Survey Evo Commodore Red is right on trend for Spring 2017 in colour and utilitarian feel. 



2017 is going to be an exciting year for men’s fashion and accessories. Here at The Pommier we are always looking to bring you the best in new accessories. Connect with us on social media to keep up to date with our latest finds.


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What’s top of your fashion wish list this month? Let us know what accessory you just can’t live without in 2017 below.


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