Pack it up: Stylish Backpacks for Summer

Posted on 18 June 2016

Brit Stitch Backpack

Once upon a time, a shiny new backpack was an essential purchase before the grim back-to-school season started up again. While shopping for a new “back to work” wardrobe doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, one thing is for certain: stylish backpacks for summer are definitely back on our fashion radar! Perfectly pair-able with every outfit – and super practical to boot, backpacks are your new BFF this season.


School smart satchels

Pristinely preppy, old school leather satchel backpacks are an ideal way to inject some seriously structured style into your wardrobe. Brit Stitch’s super cute festival stylish backpack for summer brings a sweet 90’s vibe – in pastel pink, bold red or crisp monochrome shades, its sleek shape is just right for toting all your stuff.

 Brit Stitch Backpack

Make it your own by embossing it with your initials, and pair it with a vintage floral sundress, or keep the minimalist look with a grunge-inspired slip dress.


Throw some shapes

You don’t have to settle for the old school lumpy backpacks that you actually lugged around in school – the new backpack reincarnation is far more style savvy – and comes with a pretty fabulous collection of shapes to choose from. Alisa Smirnova’s round backpack looks utterly lustrous in ultra soft luxury cowhide, with a deliciously soft suede lining to protect all your essentials inside. 

Meck Backpack

Or take your cue from Georgina Skalidi, with crisp, origami-inspired shapes that transform the way you look at a backpack. Bold fluoro details and asymmetric shapes give these backpacks a high fashion twist. For something a little more understated, take a peek at the Meck Backpack – a sharp, suitcase style bag crafted out of premium leather. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic silhouette though – hidden zippers and pockets provide plenty of extra storage space.


Practically luxe

We love the way backpacks are perfectly practical – stuff them with your daily must haves and simply swing them on your back. But wouldn’t it be lovely if they had that covetably luxe vibe of the most impractically beautiful ‘it’ bag?

Rose Hovord Backpack

Rose Hovord might just have heard our prayers – with the most whimsically sweet collection of leather backpacks that combine atelier craftsmanship with a fizzy hint of fun. Get your paws on one of her Bertie Backpacks – in timeless shades of grey, olive or black, these decadently soft leather backpacks have a hidden secret. Take a peek inside for a pop of prettiness – with a fantastically colourful Liberty floral print lining.


All about the hardware

There’s nothing quite as tantalising as the gleam of sturdy brass hardware against a tactile leather handbag, and Tomas Brilliance’s beautifully crafted backpacks will have you toying with the satisfying click of the Swiss-made lock and shiny gold details.

Stylish Backpack

Choose from classic neutrals or juicy neon shades. With chunky stitches give the Pelham bag a super structured finish, you really won’t want to leave this bag alone. Grab them quick though – these gorgeous bags are selling out fast!



Backpacks work pretty damn hard – and we love them even more when they can multitask like a boss. Dreams Code’s contemporary cool backpack can be switched up to serve as a laptop bag or shoulder bag – and is roomy enough to keep all your daily essentials stored away safely.

Leather Stylish Backpack

With hand-carved embellishments and a paper cutout-inspired design, this is the perfect neutral with a modern flourish.Or add a dose of surrealism and beauty with a delicately hand-embroidered satchel – the cool leather shape contrasts vividly with a gorgeous floral panel. Wear it on your back with pride, or swap up this work of art and turn it into a cross-body satchel.


Be a unicorn

When you can be a unicorn, you should always be a unicorn – and you can, with Ozerianko Bags' gorgeously glittery unicorn backpacks! These seriously fun bags take the classic backpack shape and give it a sparkle-infused unicorn makeover – with a fantastic, coloured tassle and a unicorn applique. The dream summer staple – and ideal for carrying everything you need for your summer adventures.

 Ozerianko Bags

Cool classics

Timeless classics are timeless for a reason – they’re perfectly stylish, versatile and wearable, no matter what the trend is. And Cru London’s sleek leather backpacks are the perfect everyday style staple – elegant and sophisticated, made with sumptuous, soft leather, roomy spaciousness and a streamlined silhouette that looks just as good with your favourite denim and tee, as it would with a pretty summer dress. An understated classic that you’ll want to carry with you, through every season.

Cru London

How will you rock the backpack trend – bold and colourful, or clean and cool?


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