11 Popular Handbag Brands That We Love

Posted on 22 January 2018


A good handbag is an investment in you. Not only does it never go out of style, but it accompanies you as you take on the madness of the modern world. From work meetings to dinner dates, there's no situation a striking bag can't help you glide through with ease. At The Pommier, we're thrilled to have such a gorgeous collection of popular handbag brands for you to enjoy. To help you pick one, we've compiled an edit of our faves.





Made from the finest Italian and English leathers, Dream’s Code bags combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with a contemporary design ethos. Produced with passion, Dreams Code are unique and popular handbag brand with wearable pieces of art.







Brit-Stitch bags are handmade in Britain. Founded in 2012, you can find one of their gorgeous bags in an infinite variety of colours, from neon green to pale pink. A popular handbag brand with one of our favourites being ‘milkman bag’ a modern take on a vintage design.







Alisa Smirnova designs for contemporary vixens with a natural confidence. 25-year-old Smirnova is visually experimental, and is constantly inspired by her surroundings in East London. If you want to blend sophistication and youth, as well as elegance and rock ’n’ roll, then these trendy bags are for you.







Designer Jane Smedle’s brand Catherine & Jean was inspired by looking to the family tree for inspiration. Her trendy designs blend Italian craftsmanship with an English attitude to design. Her handbags feature a juxtaposition of smooth curves and geometric shapes, utilising materials typical of the Art Deco movement.







Sophie Fleming bags are bursting with character and sophistication. Her creations are inspired by a desire to blend practicality with style. After honing her craft working for other popular brands, Fleming set up her own handbag label to create designs to fit effortlessly into your wardrobe, taking you from morning to evening with ease.







LE SURI use cork to create their popular handbag designs. By experimenting with this unique material, the brand actively prove that contemporary design and eco-friendliness can go hand-in-hand. The designer brand was recently awarded the official PETA approved certification - so you can look good and feel good!







Abury strive to produce pieces that stand out for all the right reasons. The brand is committed to leaving the world a better place by investing money, time, and, most importantly, love in communities. With their range of popular handbag designs, Abury want wearers to be bold, brave and value their surrounding environment.






Daughter of Jón was founded by Hedi Jónsdóttir with the aim to create modern accessories with a contemporary vibe that are sustainable, yet striking. By reinventing classic shapes with unique materials, Hedi designs for a modern, metropolitan customer who also has an eye for classic style.







There’s really no such thing as too much fringe. Ozerianko design trendy backpacks that reflect a fearless and playful approach to style. Emblazoned with unique hand-painted patterns, Ozerianko’s signature aesthetic was achieved through a series of happy experiments. These bags are for people who want to stand out from the crowd, which is why we love them.








Yardena Silva's collections are designed for modern women who aren’t afraid to take risks and follow their own path. With feminine and bohemian influences, these bags are guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.







Popular handbag designer Victoria Lam draws inspiration from folk tales and classic British design. Symbolic motifs are infused with striking shapes to create designs that are truly unique. Perfect for a sophisticated fashionista on-the-go!




Which one of our popular handbag brands is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or share on Facebook and Twitter! 


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