Spotlight On: The Heart Necklace

Posted on 21 September 2017


The heart necklace is a timeless jewellery design that's deeply imbedded in popular-culture. With famous appearances in iconic movies like Titanic, there’s an enduring romance about these pieces. Whether you’re looking to buy one for yourself or as a gift, a heart necklace gains personal value over time as it is passed through the generations. Discover our most beautiful heart necklaces below...






Roz Buehrlen's passion for making things started when she worked in a bronze foundry as a teenager. After this she trained as a goldsmith to hone her skills before starting her own collection, which is now sold worldwide. We love how this heart necklace has a rocky edge, reminding us of tattoo designs from years gone by.






Inspired by fairytales, London based designer Momocreatura’s fascinating jewellery explores the boundaries between real life and make-believe. In sterling silver, we love how this heart necklace features a red ruby - an unusual and beautiful combination of materials.






Lee Renée is a London-based jewellery designer who creates narrative-driven, delicate pieces. The pieces in her collections are easy to wear, timeless and feminine. Made in 18ct gold and featuring a small diamond, we can’t get enough of this dreamy heart necklace.






Poporcelain design and make pieces of delicate and desirable porcelain jewellery. Handmade in Denmark, each piece of porcelain has been fired for more than 10 hours. We love the way that the porcelain interacts with the gold in this heart necklace to give off a decadent and feminine vibe.






BARK Jewellery was founded in 2003 by Japanese designer Miwako Yoshioka. Since launching at Paris Fashion Week in 2005, the brand has gone from strength to strength. This classic heart necklace is one of Yoshioka’s earliest designs, and today it remains her favourite. It’s easy to see why.




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