Spotlight On: The Swallow Necklace

Posted on 15 November 2017

One of the nicest things about working with so many jewellery designers is we get to see first hand how contemporary makers reimagine classic designs. The swallow necklace is one of these iconic pieces that has lasted throughout the centuries. Swallows have always been creatures that evoke an effortless sense of romance. In the old days, the birds would tell sailors that the shore was close by. They also mate for life, and so are a symbol of freedom and love. Discover our favourite designs.





Annabelle Lucilla founded her jewellery brand in 2013. Through exploring a fascination with decoration and sculpture, Annabelle transforms her hand drawn etchings into beautifully tactile objects. This gold swallow necklace has been hand crafted to create an intricately designed ornament with a meaningful story to tell. 






Working in a bronze foundry as a teenager ignited Roz Buehrlen's passion for designing and making. Since founding her eponymous brand, Roz sells her vintage-inspired pieces all over the world. We love how this gold swallow necklace gives such a strong sense of romance. And if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, Roz has a whole collection of swallow-inspired pieces.





Lee Renée is a London-based jewellery designer who founded her eponymous brand in 2012. Her designs blend fashion and craftsmanship, which are both exemplified in this swallow necklace. We love how this piece combines her signature mix of delicate, exacting and narrative-driven designs.







Eina Ahluwalia's jewellery is inspired by feminism and spirituality, and her pieces encourage the wearer to send out positive messages to the world. Eina designed this necklace after becoming inspired by the swallow motif as a symbol of freedom, hope and successful journeys.






Parisian designers Arnaud Soulignac and Claire Naa founded Origami Jewellery in 2008 after becoming inspired by the art of Japanese paper folding. Today, Origami Jewellery has a menagerie of 22 different creatures available in 4 different finishes, with this adorable swallow necklace making for a particularly eye-catching addition.




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